Fresh Lobster Buffet at Solaire Resort and Casino

If you’ve been a follower of my blog for some time now, you would know how much my family loves eating. We’re actualy regular at buffets. Haha! Sulit naman kasi samin, because we really enjoy eating! πŸ™‚

If you remember before, we are members of Crowne Plaza; so more often than not, that’s where we dine when we want a luxurious buffet. I also blogged about Heat’s Mad for Lobster at Edsa Shangrila. Because of that experience, my husband has craved for lobsters time and time again! Crowne Plaza’s Seven Corners used to offer lobsters as part of their buffet, however, maybe because of the cost, they removed it from their spread. So the search for unlimited lobster continued and we found Fresh at Solaire. Fresh has a good variety of food. And let me tell you, they’re really delicious and since have become our favorite.


Before we get into the good stuff, let me show you what the dining area looks like. It has this “sea” vibe.

This was taken from our table. Sorry, I wasn’t able to take more photos of the restaurant. Was already hungry and looking forward to feasting. Hehe!

Japanese section:

I personally thought that this section was not that comprehensive. They didn’t have Tamago- which is my daughter’s favorite. No Unagi either. However, if you’re lucky, you can ask them to make Temakis, because there was none in the display. The staples Tempura and Miso Soup are present though.

They also have those Korean makis or Kimbap. And this salmon ball was delicious.

Italian Section:

The Italian section was pretty straight forward. They have different pizzas and about two different pasta dishes. My daughter and I have pretty similar taste, we both like Penne Pasta with a mix of Red and White sauce. I usually order this from the chefs and the chefs at Fresh are very welcoming and will gladly cook it for you. For the other pastas that’s already cooked, Ro really liked their Mac and Cheese.

Their pizzas were also good. I actually really liked the crust, because it’s not very oily and it’s quite chewy too. I’ve also tried asking the chef to make a Cheese Pizza for Ro, and both Ro and I really loved it!

Ready for a secret? You may also order Risotto at the Italian section. You can choose what toppings you want. I highly recommend seafood such as lobsters or salmon. It’s really delish. Do this if you have extra space in your stomach though, as it can be filling.

Roasting/Carving Station:

Perhaps my favorite station in all buffets, the carving station! They have 3-5 different meats including our very own lechon.

But I have to admit, I don’t really eat any of those except for steak. And my oh my, the Roasted Top Sirloin Steak of Fresh is heaven!!! Seriously. It’s well seasoned that you don’t even need gravy. And if you do add gravy, it just brings it a notch higher. My husband was the first who tried the steak, and I saw his face light up as he told me that he’s sure I’ll like it. And well, he’s never wrong. I loved it!

Salad Station:

There are three salad stations. One is this Create Your Own Caesar Salad, which is great because you can control the amount of dressing, cheese and bacon bits depending on your taste buds. I tried it and the salad’s so fresh!

The other is for ready-made salads. Pomelo salad, Macaroni salad, Potato salad etc.

There’s also another DIY salad corner which has more ingredients for your customized salad.

Deli/Cheese Section:

They also have some cold cuts and delis. And a few cheeses. They weren’t anything impressive, to be honest. Even the cheese were nothing special. They have smoked salmon, but I found it to be a little thin and just so so. I’ve had better ones before.

Filipino/Grilling Section:

Perhaps the main star of the show is the Filipino section, because this is basically the grilling section too. Most of the cooked dishes are here.

I honestly don’t really get anything other than the Grilled Lobster. That’s rule no. 1, save your appetite for what you really want. Hehe! I also tried dining here and instead of Grilled Lobster, they had prawns. H loved it too.

Here’s the other side of the station:

For my Keto friends, you know this! πŸ˜€

This is our fave! We keep coming back for the Steamed Lobster. It seriously taste amazing. These are called Rock Lobsters and they’re more on the salty/sea flavor. It’s already good as it is but of course you can always jazz it up if you want to. There are different sauces on the side- if you want a lemon butter or garlic butter dressing to your lobsters.

I asked the chef to bake our lobsters and add cheese on top. OhMyGod, it’s soooo good. Eat it while it’s warm! May nanalo na guys. Ito na yun talaga.

Just like my Baked Lobster, you may choose from these raw meat and ask them to cook it however you want.

Indian Section:

Another must visit if you’re adventurous is the Indian cuisine. Some of the dishes I’m familiar with, some I’m not. So this is the perfect time to explore their food.

If you like Mongolian rice, it’s also located in the Indian section.

Chinese Section:

Near the end of the buffet, is the Chinese section where you can find comfort Chinese food and dimsum too. Ro and I both like mantou and they have it here. Dip it in condensed milk, yum! They also have beef and broccoli, sweet and sour pork, and many more.

It also houses the Noodle Station in which you can customize your own noodle soup. From the soup base, to the ingredients and even to the kind of noodles you want.

If you want a hotter flavorful soup, you might want to try their Laksa.

Drinks Station:

Yes, drinks are included in the buffet. You may choose from Iced Tea, Juices, Soft drinks, Infused Water, and they even have beer. And of course, coffee and tea.

If you feel like it, you can even have wine. Yes, it’s included in the buffet! Take your pick.

Dessert Station:

Of course, the perfect meal will not be complete without dessert.

Take your pick. They have ice creams, fruits, cakes and pastries, chocolate fondue too.

You can never have to much dessert, am I right?

This time we went was for my birthday, November. So their Christmas decor’s already up.

Other than the usual dessert, they also have a Filipino inspired dessert spread, which I really appreciated.

You have Halo Halo, Biko, Kakanin, Maja Blanca, Ube, Polvoron and so much more.

I’m biased to the Polvoron. I really found this to be so delicious. Seriously. I ate so many of these, it’s so good.

As I said, it was my birthday when we went to Fresh and they surprised me with a birthday song and a little version of the Solaire chocolate cake. This is really good. I’ve tasted other hotel’s birthday chocolate cake and nothing beats this one from Solaire’s Fresh.

As for the time and prices, lobsters are only available dinner time 5:30PM to 10:30PM at Php 1,999+/person. Children 6 and below are free of charge, 7-12 yrs old at 50% off.

This photo still makes me drool everytime I see it. Haha! πŸ˜€ Let me know once you’ve tried dining and how your experience was! πŸ™‚