Mango Tree Reopens with a Revamped Menu

Fresh from our Bangkok trip, I visited the newly revamped Mango Tree. They have revitalized their flagship restaurant with a new interior design, additional facilities and an innovative new menu that reflects the increasingly adventurous appetites of modern diners.

Leading Asian restaurant operator, Mango Tree Worldwide, has revitalized its flagship restaurant in Manila with a new interior design, additional facilities and an innovative new menu that reflects the increasingly adventurous appetites of modern diners.

The culinary side has also been given a major re-fresh with a menu that is defined by good taste and preference. One section is for the ‘Purist,’ defined as diners who appreciate traditional tastes of Thai cuisine and seek to experience the dishes loved by the world; and the ‘Adventurous’ diner, or those who seek to go beyond boundaries, and are in search of new tastes from the four regional cuisines of Thailand.

“Many culinary enthusiasts in the Philippines have traveled to Thailand to experience Thai cuisine first-hand, and they now want to enjoy the same dishes back home. Our refreshed menu will reflect the trend towards genuine Thai dining that is faithful to the regional flavors of the Kingdom,” said Trevor MacKenzie, Mango Tree’s Global Managing Director.

I was quite excited to try out the new dishes. Mango Tree has always been one of my most favorite restaurants that serve Thai cuisine. Here are some new offers that I was able to try earlier.

Stir-fried Rice Noodles with Crab Meat

I’m allergic to crabs but I didn’t want to pass on this opportunity to taste their new dishes so I still got some to taste. This reminds me of Pad Thai and it’s so delicious. I’ve always loved how Mango Tree cooks their noodles. They cook them perfectly and the ingredients simply blend well.

Crispy Rice Crackers with Thai Relishes

Aside from their new dishes, they still maintained some of the well-loved dishes from their old menu such as the Rice Crackers. The difference is the dipping sauce. I remember Robyn loved this when we first tried it. It still doesn’t disappoint.

Watermelon Salad with Dried Shrimp Floss

It’s a refreshing palate cleanser. The watermelon was really sweet with a surprise because of the shrimp floss. It’s a good breaker to their salty and spicy dishes.

Grilled U.S. Pork Belly

Where my carnivores at? The pork belly was really tender. It was an interesting dish because I would think that the this is a tad sweet, but because we’re in a Thai restaurant, of course they put their flair and gave it a sweet and spicy touch.

Shrimp Cakes

The Shrimp Cakes were served with sweet chili sauce. I personally thought this dish was nothing too special. It tasted just okay. I felt like the shrimp cakes were a little bland without the sauce, and the sauce was just ordinary.

Stir-fried Crab in Curry Sauce

Again, I’m allergic to crabs but I still wanted to eat it. Hehe! It’s quite delicious and rich. Perfect combo with some sticky rice!

Steamed Chilean Black Mussels in Tom Yum

Probably my most favorite dish from the bunch. I expected the dish to be our usual steamed mussels, salty almost sea-like taste. But my oh my, was I wrong. The Tom Yum soup was so perfect. It gave it a different take to steamed mussels. It was sour, salty and there’s a bit of a kick. Soooo delicious!

Stir-fried Lady Finger Okra

I don’t really know much about okra and how to cook it. I only know one dish that has okra in it and it’s curry. So this stir-fried way of cooking it was new to me. I didn’t always like okra, but now that I’m getting older, I think my taste buds are also maturing as I find myself enjoying it more.

Thai Style Mochi

Another fave is the Thai Style Mochi. It’s glutinous rice balls with grated coconut and palm sugar. It’s so squishy, and it reminds me somehow of Buchi. It’s not too sweet but it’s still best paired with coffee. So yummy!

Aside from these, here are some other dishes featured in Mango Tree’s all new menu.

Grilled US Pork Collar

Marinated grilled US pork collar served with Isan Jim Jaew sauce.

Isan Grilled Chicken

Deep fried chicken marinated with special Thai herbs served with Isan Jim Jaew sauce.

Thai Tapioca Dumplings

A street favorite made with steamed tapioca balls seasoned with ground pork and ground peanuts.

Tri-colored Mango Sticky Rice

A popular choice mango dessert with coconut sauce.

You’re all probably drooling now so head over Mango Tree and sample their new and revamped menu selection now.


Mango Tree

7th Ave., Bonifacio High Street Central, BGC