Aling Lucing Sisig, the Best Sisig!

If there's one thing I miss the most pre-pandemic, it's traveling. We are not big travelers, but we like to go to different places from time to time. And we enjoy learning about the place's food and culture. For years now, my husband and I agreed on eating local cuisine when we travel. 

In comes one of our favorite discoveries, Aling Lucing. We've stumbled upon this gem years ago and have gone back a few times already, everytime we are in Angeles, Pampanga.

First time my husband and I found out about it was way back 2012, the first time we went to Angeles to catch the Hot Air Balloon. Here's my vlog of the trip:

We got to dine at the original (or at least I think this is the first) Aling Lucing restaurant. I know that there are several branches already, but this was the best one out of the 2 we have tried.

This restaurant in particular is located at Glaciano Valdez St, Angeles, Pampanga. It isn't airconditioned or enclosed, and it's a turo-turo kind of eatery. But you'd be surprised to see really nice and big cars parked right across to eat here.

I guess just like the us, a lot of other tourists also want to taste the famous sisig of Aling Lucing. Walang arte arte basta masarap. :) We brought Robyn here also, she was around 4-5 yrs old. Yup, she eats sisig too. Hehe!

Obviously, we always go for the Pork Sisig. It's so good that my husband and I order 1 each for both of us. And yes, simot sarap lagi.We did try ordering their other dishes, but nothing beats sisig.

Since it's a turo turo style, which translates as "point point", you just point to the dish you want to order. I don't think I've seen a menu, or didn't really ask for one either. But looking at the different dishes they have displayed, they don't that much variety. But anyway, we come here for one thing, and one thing only, their sisig. Sisig is usually served on a sizzling plate to keep it nice and hot. For me, it's that balance of chewy and crispy that Aling Lucing got perfectly!

Because we are foodies, you better believe we have eaten a lot of sisigs before, but we really feel that Aling Lucing is honestly the best. Their version is quite simple, with no egg even, but it still somehow works. With a side of soysauce, calamansi and sili- there's nothing that compares to the original Aling Lucing sisig. And I have to retype this, the one that we loved best is the one in Glaciano Valdez. I can't stress that enough. :)

We really love the sisig so much that even just a day after, we can't wait to go back again. Haha! I heard from some people that you can now buy frozen Aling Lucing sisig. I can't say if it tastes the same because I haven't tried it yet. If that's the case and it taste exactly the same, that would be such a winner! Imagine eating the best sisig at the comfort of your own home. :)


Aling Lucing, Angeles, Pampanga
Address: Glaciano Valdez St. Brgy. Agapito del Rosario Angeles City, Pampanga
Contact No.: (0906) 288 8905

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