Caronia Hand Sanitizers Review

When we hear Caronia, we think nail polish. Of course, it’s that iconic tv ad that made it so unforgettable. I can even remember some of their moves and the young ladies dancing in their checkered outfits. I’ve also used Caronia nail polishes a lot of times. I remember getting mani pedi done with my mom and picking out different nail polish colors of Caronia.

Caronia still holds with pride the prestigious heritage of being the pioneer and trusted local nail care brand. It continues to successfully delight an avid loyal following of generations past, together with a new breed of empowered young Filipinas with their new nail color releases and innovative product offerings. Did you know that they go beyond nail polishes? I actually didn’t. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that they also have hand sanitizers!

I was sent four different scents of their hand sanitizers, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Watermelon and Green Tea. (Lavender spilled when I got it, unfortunately.)

Honestly, there’s really nothing that stands out about Caronia’s hand sanitizers. However, I found that they are not drying even though they look like your typical alcohol. This is so important to me! If you didn’t know, I wash my hands every so often. And when I don’t have access to water, I always always use a sanitizer. And I do this so often that it makes my hands dry. So I really have to be mindful at choosing hand sanitizers and even alcohol that I use for my hands. Caronia passes the test! It even moisturizes skin because of its ingredients.

They’re also not sticky, which is great! I hate that other sanitizers tend to leave that sticky feeling after using it. For some reason I think that it’s going to attract more dirt when there’s that sticky feel.

Green Tea: Delivers a clean, cool sensation with crisp green tea

Out of the four, my favorite is Green Tea. I’m biased because I really like the smell of green tea. It’s so refreshing!

Lavender: Soothes and relaxes the senses with therapeutic lavender

Lavender, on the other hand, has a very mild scent and it’s also very relaxing. I’ve actually used this hand sanitizer, not because I feel that my hands are dirty, but because I just want to smell my hands and feel relaxed. Haha!

Eucalyptus: Cleanses and calms with soothing eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is one that reenergizes me. This is the closest to a true alcohol, in terms of scent. So if you’re inclined to using alcohols, you might like the Eucalyptus scent of the Caronia Hand Sanitizer.

Watermelon: Envelops the skin with fresh, fruity watermelon

Lastly, there’s Watermelon, which Robyn likes. I guess it’s because of the fruity, sweet scent. I’m not fond of it, just because I don’t like my hands smelling sweet. Psychologically, I feel like it’s not rinsed properly because it’s still sweet. Haha! But that’s just me.

The hand sanitizer is housed in a 50ml plastic bottle which makes it very handy to bring. I have one in the car, in my bag and at home; so I can spritz anytime. Yup, must have for a neat freak like me!



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