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I was never a fan of coffee before. I just didn't like the taste and didn’t like that I couldn’t sleep at night because of the caffeine. Fast forward 2018 when I started keto diet, the diet meals that were being delivered to me always had a drip coffee. So I started having black coffee regularly, especially when I noticed that my energy would usually drop in the afternoon. (I was working out and doing keto this time.) I would usually get sleepy after working out, so I would drink coffee to help me power through the day.

I stopped drinking coffee when I got pregnant with the twins. Although it was okay to have a cup a day, I just decided not to altogether. I was okay because I went back to normal eating and I just napped when my energy was dipping down. Then I gave birth to the twins and they got bigger and more active. Dan-dan-dan. That was when I started feeling like I needed a boost again. What’s my choice? Coffee. :)

I didn’t like the texture and taste of instant coffee as my everyday coffee so I decided to buy a capsule espresso machine. It was just me who drinks coffee in my household. And what do you know, this opened up so many doors to explore different flavors of coffee. I admit I didn’t know what type of coffee I liked. I was a newbie. I just know that I wanted a strong cup that will keep me from being a zombie looking after my twins. So I decided to try out different pods. I guess that’s one of the advantages of capsule machines. There is so many different brands and flavors that will help you become your own barista.

The pandemic has made a lot of us our own home baristas and I found myself stalking different recipes and creating different coffees with my machine. Eventually that love for coffee became my project. We decided to start Beans In A Pod PH. So far, we carry 12 brands and countless of flavors. I personally really like trying different flavors to find my most favorite. I also wanted to carry different brands because as a consumer, I find that having it’s more convenient that way, to have several options in just one shop. And I wanted my customers t have that too.

All of the coffee capsules and pods that Beans In A Pod PH carry is Nespresso compatible. Some customers ask if there are Dolce Gusto capsules available, but as of now we are just focusing on Nespresso compatible pods. It's so difficult to choose which one is my favorite, but I really have a thing for dark roast coffee. I usually take mine black or make a Vietnamese cup. I like intense drinks to keep me alive the rest of the day. Hehe!

Hopefully we can add more brands and flavors to our line up. But so far, I'm very excited and proud with the ones we have now.  All of them are really good quality and sure to give you a great boost and will satisfy your "cafe/cofffee shop" thirst.   So if you are a coffee fan such as myself, I invite you to visit @beansinapodph and check out our assortment of coffee capsules. :) 

And as I say Good Food, Good Mood. Another passion project is Little Yum Cha which I have already shared with you here. In case you're craving for some dim sum, you know where to look. ;)

Thanks for reading!

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