HMN 3rd Leg: Thailand

Our last stop for our honeymoon was Thailand. This was my second time to go but was my first time for vacation.

Wee! I super super loved our airline, Thai Airways. As my husband said, “Is it okay if we don’t eat?” So he could play the whole time. And I, on the other hand, watched The Time Traveler's Wife (it was super sad.... I cried.)


For some reason, H felt more confident in this country, probably because it was a lot cheaper compared to Singapore and Malaysia. So he wanted to eat buffet. The loving wife agreed. :p We went to Holiday Inn, and since we were Priority Privileged members of Crowne Plaza, we got 50% discount. Yeeeyy!!! 


PB050078 Ooh lala… dessert!



The next day, we did some chores in the morning. Honestly, I'm really proud of myself... I really don't know how to pack light and this trip forced me to do so. Or at least I tried. We had to bring a few clothes and other stuff just so we won't have excess baggage. Hubby said to just go for laundry in Bangkok, coz that's what he learned when he studied in Australia.

We already went to Bangkok together last June but this time I made sure we went to some tourist must go to's. One of the suggested things to do was to watch Siam Niramit, a cultural show focusing on Thai culture. I am very much into these things. I love cultural shows, dances and anything related to a culture of a country or race. I think that's why I enjoyed our Image of Singapore and Chinatown Heritage trip. 



While waiting for the show to start, we strolled the Siam Niramit compound that showed the Thai culture.


 PB060030 Doesn’t this remind you of the Philippines?


PB060045Look at her tight abs! Wow!


This was just a little preview of the show.

We were able to watch a show in the Philippines called Wanders and I really enjoyed it. Siam Niramit was similar to that. We weren't able to take photos of the show. Cameras were required to be deposited. But I liked it. I'd recommend it to visiting tourists.

And since I love theme parks very much, we went to Dream World during our last day of leisure. H has been to Dream World before with his family and since he knew how much I love theme parks and since we had no more places to go (we didn't want to go to another zoo and we're not really the temple/ruins tourists), we decided to go to Dream World.

We tried our hand at going their by riding the BTS and the bus. It was quite difficult since Thai don't speak fluent English nor do they understand it fully. But thank God after sweating like a pig and getting sunburn, we were able to arrive at Dream World. Yey! :) I just let the kid in me run free!



 PB080198 Aaww so nice, she looked our way.

I had fun at the Giant’s House. It was really cool. H actually said he didn’t go in during his first time in Dream World. So he didn’t know what the house looked like.


PB080247 There’s the giant sleeping.

PB080250There’s me, hiding from the giant.

I super enjoyed this trip too. This would probably be the Enchanted Kingdom counterpart that we were hoping for when we went to Sentosa. Only problem is it was super hot, my skin got darker, that's the only downside. Luckily, they added some other features and rides so H wasn't that bored at all.

We went to Snow Town. It was supppeeerr fffuuunnn! Well especially because it was sooo hot outside. 







I rode the sleigh! Yeeeyy! :) H didn’t ride anymore because he already tried it before. Good news for me, at least I have a photographer. Hehe!


PB080116Please ignore the red eye. No time to edit pics.

It was super fun at Snow Town that I didn’t want to leave. But then my fingers and toes started hurting like crazy. I thought they’ll fall off!!! So we decided to bid goodbye to Snow Town and return to Dream Town.


PB080263I’m a princess!


PB080275 Playing hide and seek with H

PB080284This reminded me of my dad. Haha!



Well that’s about it for our Thailand trip. And for our honeymoon. :) I hope you enjoyed browsing through our memories as much as I did. It was an awesome experience. One I will never ever forget and will tell my children about. I had a lot of fun and being with my husband and experiencing these things with him just made it a whole lot better! :)