Superstar Virgo Cruise Day 5: Gala Night, High Seas

Onto the last day of the cruise, actually the last whole day. This was Day 5 of our Superstar Virgo cruise. I was actually looking forward to this day because this was the only day allotted for the ship. High seas, is how it’s called. And I was anxious about the activities we were going to do. I felt there were still so many things to check out, however, unfortunately, we weren’t able to do much.

Right when we woke up, we already felt the ship moving really strong. It was difficult even getting out of bed. My grandma gave us Bonamine prior to our trip so we made sure to take some. We went down for breakfast and I could tell my husband was not feeling well at all. He ended up just eating cereal and he went back to the cabin right away and apprently, vomitted. As for Robyn and myself, we were better. I was also feeling nauseous but I could handle it. Robyn was okay the entire time.

After breakfast, we went back to our cabin and I saw that my husband was back in bed, sleeping. Robyn and I took a bath, which was so difficult because the ship was moving so much. We had to make sure we hold the hand rails at all times.

Lunch time came and it was a tad better. H forced himself to get out of bed and join us for lunch. After having our appetizer and soup, he threw up again. I noticed also that there weren’t a lot of people in the restaurants which was strange. I learned from the servers that a lot of people couldn’t get out of bed and a lot of passengers were seasick.

H went straight to bed while I tried to entertain Robyn as much as I could. We watched a show, hoping that I wouldn’t feel dizzy as much. After the show, we went back to the room and saw that H purchased new medicine. Apparently, he finished all the Bonamine (that was 1 pack) and had to buy more seasickness medication. He was really ill.

I decided to take a nap too because honestly, there wasn’t anything we could do to fight the nausea. It kinda reminded me of morning sickness actually.

Thankfully when the evening came, the waters became calmer, just in time for the Gala Night. It was what we were most excited about because we get to eat really good food and see the Captain and crew of the ship.


We had Western cuisine for the Gala Night:



After dinner, we just stayed in the lobby which was on deck 7 (middle of the ship) as we wait for the show. We were advised to stay on the center of the ship because it’s not moving as much. So if you’re scared that you might get seasick in any way, try to get a room on deck 8 mid-ship.











I honestly couldn’t blog that much during that day because I, too, was dizzy the entire day. It was such a bummer because I was looking forward to just relaxing that day. 🙁 We also got our passports and paid for the other dues that evening so that we don’t have to worry about them the next day when we disembark.

The next day was when we arrived in Manila. I had to wake up early because I had to bring out our luggages outside the room so they can pick them up before 7am. Around 7-8, we were already in Manila so we just had breakfast at the Mediterranean Buffet and disembarked.

The experience was really nice. It was a once in a lifetime thing and H and I have been talking about cruises for a long time. It was great that we got to experience it even once in our life. Are we cruising again? I’m afraid there’s a very low chance we’ll do it again. I don’t want to say “never” but I don’t think we will do it again anytime soon. It was a little traumatic, being seasick. We don’t get dizzy easily. We’ve traveled before, rode ships going to provinces, but it was really tough that day. H threw up so many times and he didn’t enjoy the day at all. He said he doesn’t think it’s worth that risk of feeling sick. I felt like we were lucky we got sick the last day. What if it was the first day? We wouldn’t have enjoyed the other days of the cruise. So yes, I don’t think it’s worth the risk. I would rather travel via plane. Nonetheless, with that said, it was still a nice experience. One for the books. Other than the High Seas day, everything was really good. I loved the shows so much, the food was okay too. And experiencing this as a family just made it a whole lot better! 🙂

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