Marriott Hotel Room Tour

It's about time I share another travel, rest and relaxation post. It's always fun having some quality time with my family; it's the best time. My husband and I are always busy, busy working and trying to make a living, but I understand that we also need some R&R every now and then. And I could see how happy it makes Robyn when we go out on a holiday.

We were able to have a staycation at Marriott Hotel Manila c/o my parents. It was my first time checking in and even seeing the hotel rooms of Marriott. 

The room had a queen size bed. The bedding was really good and the sheets were so soft. I personally didn't like the pillows though. I thought they were too mushy and soft for my liking.

Hi from my little princess!

This was the seating space/reading nook of our room.

There was a pretty long working table with its own lighting. Good job! 

Here's the bar area.

Beside it is the personal vault and more drawers.

I think what amazes me is how much storage space and cabinets they put in the room.

Another thing I like most is their full length mirror. It's actually quite wide, about 2 panels. So right before you head out the door, you can check your ootds first.

Opposite the closet is the bathroom. This is the big reveal!


It somehow reminds me of Marco Polo's bathroom. I love how spacious it is and how well lit the room is.

I believe this was the first or second time I've seen all the toiletries in an organized drawer/container.

The bath is separated with a glass door.

They also have the peekaboo window which Robyn loved and I approve because she was able to play in the tub and we could see her from the room.

The tub was a really good size. This was quite important given that my husband and I are both tall.

This bar is particularly useful for elderly and even pregnant women who may loose their balance.

Now I want to show how we setup our beds. This is how we do it for now since Robyn is still small. I'm sure in a year, we'd be needing to get her her own extra bed. Waaahhh! 

Here's my happy and relaxed family wishing you a Happy Friday! :) Excited for the weekend!

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