Xenia Hotel, Clark Angeles

The past couple of weeks, we have enjoyed several long weekends. I hope you were able to enjoy those and made them fruitful. My family stayed in the Metro but because of the holidays, I cannot help but remember our time at Xenia Hotel in Clark, Angeles, Pamapanga.


My family, together with my aunts decided to take a trip to Tarlac a few months back. And since we were already going to the North, my husband suggested that we spend 1 night in Clark. See, there’s this restaurant, named Aling Lucing, that famous sisig place. We have already dined there years ago and wanted to go back. So we decided to go around Clark and see what we can do as well.


Since we’re going to be staying in Clark for 2 days, I researched online and saw Xenia Hotel. I booked our accomodation via Agoda. It was a swift transaction and it was so easy to book at Agoda. You can also check Xenia Hotel‘s website for promos to see better deals.


Parking was right in front of the hotel and upon entering, this is what you see.


It reminded me of modern looking office lobbies. I was quite surprised to see this look in Pampanga.


To get to the hotel lobby, you have to take the escalator going up.


The hotel lobby looked really nice. One side was their reception area, the opposite side was the restaurant.


The decor was grand. Their floral arrangement was superb. To be honest though, I’m not sure if it’s a year round decor or they were just preparing for an event that month.


There’s free wifi but you have to get the passport at the reception. During our stay, they also gave us free vouchers for cocktails. We didn’t claim these anymore since we don’t drink and we were out most of the time anyways. Let me just add, the comfort rooms in the lobby were clean! Plus points for bakasyonistas like me.


After checking in, it was time to head up to our floor.


I was pleasantly surprised by their doors and doorbell/intercom system.


Each room had their own video intercom which made me flip and got me so excited that I asked my husband to help me test it out right away.


Onto the room, we got the Deluxe Room. It was 39sqm with a king size bed. We were able to get this for about P2,900 because they had a promo that time. Upon checking at Agoda, it’s now priced at P3,192.


They have satellite/cable tv and a mini vanity on one end.


They also have black out curtains that was a big help for us as we wanted to sleep in. There was also a seating space which I basically used for my bags. Haha!


The bed was comfortable. It was a king size bed and we ended up all sleeping in 1 bed. Yes, H, Robyn and myself.


They had quite a lot of storage spaces; cabinets, drawers. They also have a mini ref which proved to be of great use because we hauled quite a lot of chocolates. There was also a coffee maker and complimentary bottles of water.


There was a cabinet to hang our clothes in and there’s also the safety deposit box.


Now the bathroom. It was a modest size bathroom. I can’t say that it’s superb and luxurious but it was a good size and it was clean.


Their shower was a rain shower though. Sosyal!


Overall, the space reminded me of a studio type condo unit. Their was a huge space for us to walk around. I think you can fit 2 more extra beds in the room. The breakfast included was buffet breakfast too. Only downside was the wifi in our room kept cutting off. We changed passwords so many times but I think there was a problem with the signal going to our room. Other than those; for the price, it was so worth it and I highly recommend it if you go to Clark.