HMN 2nd Leg: Malaysia (Part 2)

Happy day! I’m here to share the second part of our KL trip. :) I say it’s a happy day because it was of the most fun if not THE most fun day we had during our honeymoon.

I’m talking about us going to Genting Highlands. I've heard about Genting from Vassy and Carol and according to a website I've stumbled upon, bring a jacket with you since it's cold. We got the tour from our hotel because Genting is quite far, about an hour drive from Kuala Lumpur. Super funny we were with two other couples and they were also on their honeymoon so H and I jokingly said we were all HMNers (honeymooners). Haha!



Genting's fabulous! Though we were refused entry to the casino because my hubby brought a "according to them "school bag"", which was simply a back pack. :/

First, we went to Ripley’s Believe It or Not exhibit. I took some photos during the first part but ended up keeping my camera because I kinda got frightened with some of the exhibits, I just wanted to leave. Haha! I’m a scaredy cat! But it’s worth seeing. I would recommend it!



H also went to the Archery and tried his luck with archery. I didn’t try though, I knew I would suck anyway so I just came as his cheerleader and photographer. Haha! The instructor taught him how to use an archer, where to place the bow, how to hold the arrow, etc. And after a few minutes, he was on his own.


Here’s his score sheet. I think he did well since there were some arrows in the bulls eye area. ;)


Now here are a few photos from Genting:



I went to this ride, I forgot what it’s called. But basically it will lift you high above and drop you really fast. H didn’t join me. He said he’s already tried it once and he doesn’t want to do it again. If I were to analyze, I’d say he’s just scared. Hahaha!


PB030171 Scared . Excited . Anxious
Cold feet


PB030176 There we go… falling…

Okay, that was SICK!!!

Genting was really cold. I actually think that older people would also like it there because of the climate. Way better than Tagaytay Highlands. Will definitely go back when we visit Malaysia again! :D This is our kind of theme park!!!

When it was time to go, we stopped by a temple first. I don’t know what it’s called but the driver brought us there so we can take a couple of photos.



On our last day in Malaysia we finally went to Petronas Towers and we also went to Petrosians. (Quick funny fact: I first thought that you pronounce Petrosians as Petroshians, later on I realized it was Petroscience. H said maybe they spelled it as how you would pronounce it. Made sense, Petroscience is pronounced as Petrosians.)

Anyways, We made sure to be there as early as we could or at least earlier, I think we got to Petronas around 1030 or 11 in the morning. Jayson Arquiza and his wife Jo Anne, our wedding photographers, told us to go to Petronas on a weekday and in the morning to get free tickets. Apparently, they give away limited number of tickets per day. We got the 2:45pm slot, so we went to Petrosians first before heading to the twin towers.


PB040022This dinosaur’s cool.
It sings and moves his neck from side to side.
A little scary coz it’s big too and it looks so real.

PB040025This bench moves! You get to feel the different intensities of earthquake.
I gave it a little try. :)
 PB040028 That’s me as an astronaut.

PB040032F1 racing

Then it was time for Petronas Towers. I was very excited because this is one of the tourist attractions of KL and I didn’t want to miss it. But then again nothing super spectacular, except maybe how the buildings were made?! We were made to watch a short clip of the story of the towers before heading to building.


 PB040035 This was the view from the top.


And that’s it for the second leg of our honeymoon. Last stop is Thailand! :)