Too Cool for School Art Class by Rodin Highlighter Review

I know that Highlighters is the main deal right now. Believe me, I was never a Highlighter girl before but now, I want my highlight to be on fleek! I normally use powder highlight just because it’s the easiest. And one of my most recent favorites is the Too Cool For School Art Class by Rodin Highlighter.


I actually got this from Charis, which is a Korean based website where you can shop products and watch Youtubers review these products The products are also priced lower as they have discounts all the time.



3-in-1 3D Contour
Three different colors add luminous finish to the skin and depending on the blending method can be used in many ways.

Natural Glow Effect
Skin-toned pearl pigments make the skin to look lit from within for a natural-looking glow.

Exceptional Non-dusting Pigments
Ultra-fine shimmer powder allows a buildable and long lasting layer of shine.



I love the different shades included in the product. But I love the lightest shade the most. I think it really stands out on my skin tone. The powder is quite “powdery” so tapping off the brush is recommended. I also find that it’s not highly pigmented so running the brush a couple of times will give optimum results. Another thing to take note is the shades are all on the warm side.



Here is my review:




  • very easy to use
  • glides smoothly
  • all the shades are beautiful
  • gives a beautiful strobing to the face
  • buttery soft powder
  • long wearing
  • packaging is adorable
  • available at Charis




  • There may be fall outs
  • A little messy to apply.



I personally fell in love with it right away because I did feel like my face was beaming because of the highlight. It gave me my much-wanted highlight on fleek. I haven’t had a powder highlight that gives this effect.



You can actually adjust how intense the highlight would be. In the photo below, I sweeped it a couple of times to give me that “in your face” highlight look. Usually, powder highlighters are more natural, but I find that this really gives a highlighted look.



And in the photo below, I just sweeped it 2x to give me a more subtle highlight. The perfect everyday look.




Do I recommend this product? Because of how buildable and easy to use it is, YES.




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