Zale Beauty Powder Review

Since I started going to the gym, I find myself wearing less makeup. Why do I need a full face makeup if I’m just going to sweat it all off right? I’ve beeen doing the brows-powder-tint combo for the past month or so and because of this, I’ve really dugged and used a lot of my loose powders.


One of which is Zale Beauty Powder. I talked about it on my 2nd Quarter Favorites video this year. I’ve used it multiple times but didn’t realize I haven’t actually done a full review on it here on the blog yet.



Zale Beauty Powder has 2 shades and they all promise a brighter, smoother skin.




Here’s a little look on the beauty powder. It’s made in Thailand.



I personally use #1 Bright and what I find really wonderful about this product is how fine it is. With the price tag of P49.00, I didn’t expect a lot from it. But my-oh-my, I was blown away.



It glides on ever so smoothly and instantly my skin feels so soft afterwards! It does give a subtle color which I like just for that “barely there” look.





Since I walk outdoors all the time, the UV protection is such a great help too. I do still wear sunscreen beforehand, but knowing that my powder also gives added protection is such a major plus.




Lastly, I enjoy using this to reduce shine. It’s so easy to use, you can even put it on your palms and just press it on your skin if you’re in a hurry. However, I still prefer using a brush. It works really well as a touch up powder.



I have been alternating powders and this is something that is always on rotation if I don’t need much coverage but I want that smooth shine-free finish.



Zale Skin Care PH