Robyn's Surprise 8th Birthday Roblox Themed

I know I know, this is a few months late. Robyn turned 8 last February to be exact. I posted the vlog on my channel, in case you missed it. After the twins turned 1 last year, and because we did some decor for them, Robyn has been asking what her birthday would be like, what theme or decor. I initially just said there's none and the reason why the twins have is because it's their first birthday. But after awhile, I thought it would be cool to surprise her with one.

Here’s a peek at what happened that day:

So with the help of my sister, Dane, we pulled off this surprise for Robyn. First we had to think of the theme for her party. We decided on Roblox because that’s what she plays with all the time. She plays with her friends. And even though, I don’t understand how that game works (yes I’m THAT mom) Haha! I hunted online decor that we can use. Thanks to my favorite online mall, Shopee, I got pretty much all of the decoration from there.

For the balloons, I wanted it to be colorful. Some balloons that I saw online that were Roblox themed were so boyish or just so plain. I wanted a colorful one for my little girl.

Happy Birthday:
Small 10” balloons:
32 inch number 8:
Roblox balloons:

Dane and I pumped the balloon ourselves the night before her birthday. I had to make excuses why I wasn’t in our room and why I was camping out Sa-e’s room. Hehe!

I loved how the balloons look, especially the number 8. It’ so Robyn. 

I als bought two colors of foil curtains. I got a light pink one and a fuschia one to create contrast.

Aside from the backdrop, we also put some random decor on the buffet area. You probably saw these during the birthday of Niko and Nia too. 

As for her cake, I knew I wanted to buy a colorful rainbow cake and just put toppers. I learned my lesson the hard way from the previous year. Hehe! So I remember that there’s a rainbow cake available in S&R. So I asked my husband to go with me to S&R a day before, to get the cake. Surpised that Ro didn’t see it. I just kept it in our personal ref in the room, but she still didn’t notice. Hehe!

As for the cupcakes, those were lovingly made by my sister, Dane. She made those morning of Ro’s birhday. I just asked her to make cupcakes to compliment the cake and for additional dessert. The Roblox toppers for the cupcakes were printed on a carboard I just printed some roblox characters and Dane taped it on toothpick and placed them on top of each cupcake. Cute, right?

For the toppers of the actual cake, I just boughtt Roblox toys online. I knew it would be difficult or expensive to personalize a cake, so I was extremely happy to see that there are Roblox toys being sold online. 

Since Ro loved the “Adopt Me” game, I researched and really scouted for a group of Roblox toys that had animals in the group. That made it difficult to find.

Roblox toy set:

We prepared everything in the morning. It was tricky because we had to keep Ro in the room and not let her go down. So I asked my husband to be her bodyguard and keep her in the room while Dane and I prepared the decoration downstairs.

I also invited my family over and told them to keep it hush hush as I wanted everything to be a surprise even their presence. I asked Ro to handle the camera to “vlog” the day, not knowing that I just wanted to capture her reaction to the surprise.

It was indeed a success. She was totally surprised and had no idea! She also liked the theme that we chose. Honestly, she deserved it. A lot of her friends had birthday parties when they turned 7, and Ro didn’t. I explained to her that I didn’t have the time and most importantly, the energy, to prerpare or her 7th birthday because I have just given birth. She was so sweet and understanding. She already enjoyed her cake and her favorite food then. But now, she told me that this was definitely her best birthday so far. 

Of course, thank you to Sa-e Dane for helping me pull it off! She was my partner in crime for this surprise. Definitely worth the effort seeing Ro so happy and giddy the entire time!

Robyn, you will always be our first baby. Still can’t believe that you are now 8. Always remember that Papa and I will always be here for you, to protect and guide you. Thank you for being a good Achi to the babies and for being the most understanding daughter ever!

Also nice because last year, for her 7th birthday, we couldn’t take a family photo with the twins yet because they were either asleep, crying or one of them was. They were 2 months old then. Now, at least we have a semi decent family photo of us 5. Hehe!

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