Robyn's First Day of Big School

And just like that, I am now a mother of a school girl. It’s been a few months now when our lives have changed once more. Another milestone, another chapter that opened. Please indulge me a little while I share my thoughts and get through being emotional.



I didn’t know what to expect since this is Robyn’s first big school. Even though she’s already gone to school before, the thought of the big school overwhelms me. This meant the start of a new educational journey, a long one at that. Battling traffic, new  schedule and new friends for Robyn. I selfishly want to keep her small, innocent and protected but I also know that she’s growing.



She has become more thoughtful, empathetic and smarter over the past year. And she continues to surprise me just like on the first day of her school. She was so excited, so brave and so independent. She didn’t mind that I didn’t hold her hand and I decided to stand back while all the other parents were holding their child and staying beside them every step. She didn’t mind when I told her I’ll step outside the classroom even though some of her classmates have started crying loudly. She was so independent and ready that she followed whatever teacher said and she even told teacher to tie her laces and to help cut her food. I was left in awe when I saw her giggling while playing a game in Chinese, even though I know that she didn’t  understand half of what was being said.



I thought that letting go would be more difficult. Letting go of my little baby. But now I realize, we have equipped her with everything she needs. We have taught her well enough to face anything. We have shown her that even enough we may not always be physically present, we are still with her 120%.


This girl. This girl amazes me every single day.