Nuat Thai Libis

If you follow me on twitter (@CharYellowYum), you have probably read my tweet yesterday that I was going to get a massage and I will try out a spa near our place. So I did and I am so glad that my amma and my mum recommended this place to me.

I actually always pass by Libis- everyday when I go to work and I always see Nuat Thai. However, the outside turned me off just because it doesn’t look like a spa from the outside. It’s at a second floor of a commercial bldg. Little did I know that a secret sanctuary awaits.


I initially wanted to get a Thai Massage with Oil (P250+50) and Nuat Thai Foot Massage (P250). I initially asked if I can have my foot massage in the same bed as my body massage and they said yes.  I was told that the oil will only be applied on my back only. My therapist suggested getting a Swedish Massage (P350) instead. Their version is a combination of Swedish and Thai and the massage oil will be applied on my entire body. I happily agreed.


At the reception area, I was asked to choose from Eucalyptus, Green Tea and Lavender massage oils. I chose Lavender.


The interiors were very serene. It was quite dark wit just a few warm lights. But I personally love that. I feel it’s more relaxing this way. They played very soothing "spa" music.

I was then escorted to the washing area where my therapist, Eva, washed my feet in preparation for my massage. It actually reminded me of my Thai massage back in Bangkok. That’s also what they do before the massage. I liked Eva because she was not shy to suggest things. She suggested that we do the Swedish massage first before the foot massage because she would be asking me to lie on my back first then on my stomach. I appreciate little things like this. :)


I love the foot scrub that she used It was very minty, so it felt cool on the skin.



After washing,  I was led to my room. Since I was going to get a Swedish massage, my room had a normal bed (meaning it had a bed structure?!) For Thai massages, this is a photo of their room:


My room was very very dark at first. Eva said that there’s a hole for my face and when I searched for it, it had a thin cloth and at first I tried to stick my face in there with the thin cloth covering my face. I think this is probably done for sanitary purposes or something. However, I found it hard to breathe. Haha! So I opted to remove it when I was already being massaged. :)

On to my massage, Eva asked me what kind of pressure I wanted, moderate or hard. I said hard, but when she started massaging me, I realized Eva was very actually very strong, so when she asked me if the pressure was okay, I told her “sige, moderate nalang pala.” Hahaha! The whole body massage was soooooo relaxing. I wasn’t able to doze off though. I don’t know why. I would have wanted more pressure points to be pressed but the massage was really good. She started with my legs moving to my back. She mostly used kneading technique to massage me. It was really good. And another plus point? After massaging with oil, she put some kind of minty powder. This obviously removed the sticky and oily feeling right away.

When I was asked to turn, she proceeded with my legs and my arms. And after which, she excused herself to get some heating pads for my lower back and my nape. When it was time for my foot massage, I was already very very eager. I didn’t see, but she used some kind of tool. I think it’s a pointed wooden stick or something like that to help with the foot reflexology. I asked my foot massage to be hard and it was so sooo good. I liked the wooden stick that she used because I am very very much addicted to foot reflex and pressure points. She also massaged my feet with her hands too. I fell asleep probably along half from the treatment.

When I woke, she was already preparing (sanitizing her hands) to massage my head. This I wasn’t so happy about just because I wanted more!!!! I felt like the head massage was just for 5 minutes, though of course I don’t know how long it really was for. Apart from my feet, I hold a lot of tension and stress in my head and getting my head massaged relaxes me 100%. I realized I should have told Eva to concentrate more on these areas. :/

After the massage, Eva ever so gently tapped my shoulder and said that the massage is finished, asked me if I wanted water or hot tea and told me she’ll just come back to wake up later and to relax for a few minutes.

After napping for a couple of minutes, I decided to go already since H would be picking me up. I went and used their wash room first and took a photo to show you how clean it is too.


As I went out, back to the reception, my hot tea and face cloth were already waiting for me.


Overall, my Nuat Thai experience was very good- superb! I definitely would bring my husband there. I would want to try their Thai Massage also. But I will definitely definitely go back for the foot massage! I would have to say it’s in the running to be my favorite foot massage in Metro Manila. I’d probably have to go back once more to test it one more time before confirming and awarding it my most favorite. Haha! :p

So if you guys are from the area, or you want a quality massage with cheap prices, Nuat Thai is a winner! :) I know they have other branches too, but Libis branch is the only branch I’ve tried so far.
I’d love to hear your experiences too or your other favorite spas. Share with me. :)