Beijing Foot Spa

I really needed a good ol massage and in my previous post, I actually talked about trying a new spa near our area. I was talking about Beijing Foot Spa. I went to the Silver City branch since it was nearest to me. I had to really make time for this massage treatment as I was swamped most of the time (and still am, with H gone.)

The spa was located at the 3rd floor of Silver City. I actually didn’t know that it was there. I always pass by the banners and tarps of Beijing Foot Spa but everytime I pass by Silver City, I don’t see it. Apparently, the door is beside Gerry’s Grill.

As I walked in, I saw that the spa was pretty big. I went to the reception area and chose the 1 hour 40 minute massage which costs P890.00.

I was asked to sit first and wait for a couple of minutes as I did not make any reservations and I think there was no vacant room at that time. But while waiting, they handed me iced tea which I thought was really thoughtful of them.

I kept myself busy by reading magazines. I didn’t mind that I had to wait just as long as I could indulge in reading my magazines. Haha! It was actually relaxing for me too. :p

So after 10 minutes or so I was led to my private room.

Really modern massage chairs with their own tv! Just like in Wensha Spa!
(Check out the Wensha review I did for StilettostoSweets.)

So I changed into the clothes they laid down for me and the therapist started with my feet.  It was the right pressure. I wanted a foot massage so badly that I dozed off right away. And yes, it was reflexology type which is what I like. At first, I actually tried to watch tv. The sounds were coming from the chair itself. Pretty cool. However, I decided to turn it off after ten minutes or so because I really just wanted to relax.

Eventually, the therapist asked me to turn around for my back massage. I didn’t find the chair very comfortable. There was no hole for my face to go into and it was simply uncomfortable for me. The massage was good though. I’m not a big back massage fan. The only time I slept during back massage were Thai Massage in Thailand and Hilot in Relaksasi. Plus, I think my room was near the corridor outside and I could hear people talking and laughing. It’s one of my pet peeves. I hate noise, talking, laughing or any other loud sounds while I’m in a spa. It’s a major deal for me. I give negative points for that.

The whole massage experience reminded me of H. I knew he’d love the place! I knew he’d watch tv while having his foot massage as I sleep. And he sleeps during his back massage while I just enjoy it.

A plus plus point was when we were done, they never asked me to leave. I was even able to watch some tv after. I was able to really relax which was what I needed. Time stood still while I was there. I think after the massage, I stayed about 30 – 40 minutes. No one disturbed and asked me to leave. I love it! Overall, the experience was good and really relaxing. I could really stay there for another hour! :) I would bring H there when he comes back, I’m sure of it! :) Maybe I’ll just ask for another room with less noise/sounds. :p

3rd Floor 008 Silver City, Frontera Verde Drive corner Julia Vargas St. Ortigas, Pasig City
Cell #: 0922-8338902
Tel#: 7061678