North Haven Spa

What’s a vacation without some R&R? Once we hit Baguio, we mapped out our entire schedule for the trip. We stayed in Baguio for just three days, two nights. We we had limited time to do everything we want. We decided to indulge ourselves with a little pampering during our first night. Moreover, I thought that we needed it as we had to travel all the way that our butts are hurting, especially H, who drove us to all our destinations.

I first encountered North Haven Spa 3 years ago, when H and I went there and was also looking for a nice massage place. We didn’t end up going to North Haven so this time, I suggested it to my friends.

We got different packages. The men got massages, the women got scrubs and massages. I personally got a body massage and a foot massage called Dagdagay. I’ll just talk about my experience.

Once we got to the place, I honestly forgot that I was a blogger and kept my camera inside my bag. Haha! I was sooo excited for my massage. I knew that I wanted a foot and body massage so I actually ended up getting two services.

P1050122 Different variants for Body Scrub

I was instructed to change into their very comfy robe and was escorted to the sauna. Inside the sauna, they have prepared a plastic cup of drinking water, product for my hair to condition it (just like hot oil), lime to be used to tone the face and a wet face towel. That was the first time I have experienced such a treatment. I was really impressed. Their sauna is a common sauna, so men and women can both stay inside the sauna together at the same time. This maybe a no-no for some people, but I didn’t mind since I was wearing a robe anyways.

After 15-20 minutes, I showered and they handed me a clean nice smelling towel and a disposable underwear which was very thoughtful of them. :) And the massage begins.

I instructed my therapist that I wanted a swedish massage and not much stretching. I wanted to relax, take a nap, so I didn’t want to be stretched ever so often. I liked that their massage bed had a smaller hole so that the only ones sticking out are my nose and mouth, and my eyes and forehead can rest on the bed. The massage was good. My therapist was strong that I didn’t need to tell her to make the pressure harder over and over again. After working my legs, as she proceeded to my back, I dozed off! Haha! I guess it was because I was also really tired. As she continued to my arms, it was heaven! I don’t even remember the sequence after that. She also put a cloth of some kind on my eyes when I turned over so I can keep sleeping and not be bothered with the dim lights. The massage was good, but nothing special. I just like the thought that they put to the room, the bed and even the small details like the cloth for my eyes and for my hair to keep it away from my body.

The next hour was for my foot massage. It’s called Dagdagay. It’s a traditional foot massage of the Mountain Province that uses "runo" sticks to stimulate the soles of the feet.

KM184544-copy Photo source: North Haven Spa’s Multiply

I gotta admit Dagdagay actually hurts. :( Whenever the sticks tap the soles of my feet, they hurt. However, when the sticks are rolled in between the toes, they felt really good. I have never tried a service like this, so I didn’t know what to expect at first. So everytime the therapist was going to work on my soles, I wake up. But everytime she massages my feet with her hands or rolls or pokes the sticks to my toes, I fall asleep. It was a strange feeling. Haha!

Overall, I liked the experience. After my treatment, my therapist left me in the room for me to take a nap and rest for a short while.

When I met up with my friends, almost all of us fell asleep during our own treatments. We all had a very relaxing time and we all felt so good ready to sleep! Haha!

North Haven Spa
#21 Avelino Street, Ferguson Road, Baguio City
(074) 300-5022 or 0917-506-1349


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  2. I am really very thankful to you for providing your experience about northhaven spa. We will feel revitalized and rejuvenated after having this spa treatment. I got to know about many unique things from this post.

  3. been there last year, the place is good and the staff are great and professional especially julius. He is expert and I recommend him. We will go there this December with my friends.

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  7. A friend recommended northhaven spa.. that we gave a try. Upon entering the place, we were warmly greeted by the receptionists amd catered to our needs-- sauna and massage were our choice. We were led to a changing room, with a robe neatly folded and placed atop a chair along with it is a rolled stuff, barely noticeable is a disposable underwear... wow that was so good of them.. As i wear the robe, i smelled something unusual.. the smell is like that of a laundry not properly rinsed nor dried well.. I commented on this to my friends and said the same thing.. I did inform of course to one of the ladies but left unanswered... anyway we we escorted to the sauna.. The sauna was kinda cute enough to accomodate 3 and loved the heat.... whoah...we were provided with a cup cold water, face towel a slice of lemon and another wow a bowl of cream for hair spa.. that i have not experienced in other spas... We enjoyed sauna for 15 minutes and showered. I was surprised that we were given a fresh towel, robe and a disposable underwear post shower, again in some spas u wear the same ribe previously worn in the sauna...kinda sad. I really appreciate the fresh robe and towel however, what annoyed me the most is the unusual smell of the robe and towel added with its hard texture, might have been dried too long under the sun without a fabric conditioner. ... again i informed to one of the ladies catering to us... the retort was a smile... well anyway we were guided to the massage room which is one floor down from the sauna room. Thing is you need to go outside for the stairs leading to the massage room assigned to us.. very disappointing.. you know with your robe on passing through other massage rooms going outside for the stairs then to the basement... i recommend for them to enclose the stair area at least.
    We were led to a cozy room for massage... honestly, I was eyeing for a relaxing, soothing massage better than other spas we had been to. Overall, the massage was not as i have said relaxing.
    With the disappointing massage was a stinging bite first at my back then near my left elbow.. told the lady to check on it as i can feel a raised bump on the affected area. She felt the area and massaged lightly after a while it became itchy... i was uncomfortable then for quarter of minutes .. the rest of the time i was praying that i will not be bitten again, i dont know what bit me. Its not a mosquito because the skin was raised triple than when u are bitten by a mosquito..
    After the massage, the lady assigned to me left after informing that I rest for 5 minutes. I did not head what she said instead got up , wore my robe as i was concerned on the areas that were bitten . I let the other lady check on my bites and said it might have been from the ants along the laundry line. what !!!! Ants along the laundry line. I dont understand ants getting to the linens nor robe and still alive until it was folded and stored.!!!! I was thankful though that she applied a cream , with kinda minty scent that somehow soothed my bites. thanks to her. After the massage as usual , we have to take the stairs outside to get to the 2nd floor basement to change. I dont pick the idea of walking outside with your robe right after having been massaged??
    After changing with our clothes, we need to proceed to the front desk to settle our dues . We were offered a tea as well, that i really appreciate.. as i was about to take a sip of my tea.. i noticed that my both my ring fingers were red and itchy.. at a closer look. OMG! It is a mosquito bite ! my friends saw it and did inform the ladies at the front desk who very apologetic.
    The end purpose in going to the spa is to relax and enjoy being pampered for more than an hour.. thats what was experienced in other spas... honestly, we were disappointed with the smell of the robes and towels and worst insect bites... sooooo sad indeed...