Inspired Look: Katy Perry’s Last Friday Night (TGIF)

I’m here for another tutorial, this time an inspired look. I don’t think I’ve done an inspired look (by an artist or an actress) yet but I figured why not give it a try. It actually makes me realize there’s so many other looks I still want to try out. FYI, obviously I just took inspiration and did not copy the look completely.

I chose to do Katy Perry’s look on her music video Last Friday Night (TGIF). It was an 80’s inspired look with all the colors and flashy wardrobe. She also wore big bouncy curly hair although I opted for soft loose curls instead to make it a little bit modern. :p




Here’s my tutorial:

1. Apply makeup primer. In my case, I used a sunblock, mattifying cream and primer in one- Skin Hour Mattifying Day Cream

2. Correct discolorations such as dark circles and red blemishes. Click here to learn how. I used LuLu Makeup Corrector Wheel as corrector, Max Factor Panstick in True Beige as concealer and Fashion 21 Loose Powder No. 6 to set undereye area. Concealer brush used is from Charm.

3. Apply foundation (combination of Loreal True Match in Golden Beige & Nude Amber) with a foundation brush (Megaga Professional Foundation Brush from Megaga Professional 18 Lush Set)


4. Set makeup with  powder. I used MAC Hyper Real in Medium.


For the eye makeup, please refer to this photo for colors used:


5. Apply Urban Decay Primer Potion in Original on the lids to make eye makeup last the whole day.

6. Apply purple color onto the lids. I used Beverly Hills Palette #A and applied it using a medium eyeshadow brush from Megaga Professional 18 Lush Set.



7.  Using Charm Crease Blending Brush, apply a fuschia pink color onto the crease. I used Bevely Hills #B. And blend the harsh edges with Charm All Purpose Blending brush. This brush will help diffuse the color.



8. Now using Charm Big Blending brush, apply a neon pink (Beverly Hills Palette #C) just right above the crease. Apply with a very light hand and blend it to make the eyeshadow look like it’s gradiating.


9. For highlight, I used another medium sized brush from Megaga Professional 18 Lush Set and applied an off white color (88pc eyeshadow palette #2A).



10. Apply black gel eyeliner thinly and very close to the lashline. Tightline using gel eyeliner too. I used my Charm Angeled brush to do this.


11. Using Suesh small eyeshadow brush, apply blue eyeshadow on top of the black gel liner and smudge it up. I used Beverly Hills palette #D. Apply it on the lower lashline as well.



12. Using Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in Black, line the lower lashline.


13. Combine Etude House Bling Bling Eye Stick in Yellow and NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Cottage Cheese and tightline the lower lashline. Use Cottage Cheese on the tearducts/inner corner of the eyes.


14. Fill eyebrows with dark eyebrow powder using an angeled brush from Megaga Professional 18 Lush Set. I used Modelco Eyebrow powder in Dark and set it with MAC Browset in Beguile.



15. Curl lashes, apply falsies or false eyelashes and put on mascara. Since I already used falsies, I chose to volumize the lashes by applying three coats of 688 Lash Extension Mascara.



Now going back to the face:

16. Contour face using Beverly Hills palette #E. (This is such a good contour powder!) I am using a big powder brush from Charm Pro Travel Set.


17. Using angeled brush from the Charm Pro Travel Set, i chose a candy pink shade for blush. Since Katy Perry had really really pink cheeks, I combined Beverly Hills palette #F and a bit of #C.

Yes eyeshadows can be used as blush too! Just be careful with the amount you use.

18. Line the lips with a pinkish lip liner. This is the most pinkish I have so this is what I used.


19. Apply a hot pink lipstick. I used Etude House Code B PK001.


20. Lastly, apply gloss if you want. In my case I used Beverly Hills Palette #G. It’s the closest to my lipstick color and can actually be worn alone.  I chose to use it to give my look more intensity and make the lips really really pink and hot! ;p I used Megaga Professional lip brush to apply this.


And the final look:

IMG_0035 Realized I wasn’t able to take photos of my eyes closed.
This is the only one!

Soft curls by Vidal Sassoon Curling Iron 
IMG_0024  IMG_0028 My pretty cheek color!

Then I decided to morph into Katy Perry!


Edwina circle lenses


And the goofy me:

IMG_0036 These lips are made for kissing. ;)


Hope you guys like! :) For LuLu Makeup, you can visit and LIKE on facebook and follow on twitter for more beauty tips and tutorials!