LUMOS RAY Smart Projector Review

My family loves watching movies. I remember going to the cinema with popcorn on hand and sharing it with Robyn. She wasn't the only kid that time. Unfortunately, pandemic happened. We ended up entertaining ourselves safely at home. We would watch different series and movies with Ro who has grown to love horror zombie shows! We dance and sing along to kid tunes with the twins and if possible, have a romantic movie night with the hubby. Of course, it's different with a big screen right? So I was excited to get my hands on  the LUMOS RAY Smart Projector.

It is an all-in-one projector that already comes with pre-installed Netflix, YouTube, & built-in speakers. It's a great alternative to watching in the cinema as it can project upto 100inch screen, which is almost an entire wall!

The LUMOS RAY Projector is small and mighty! It's so compact, I actually brought it to several areas of our house and I know that I'd definitely be able to bring this just about anywhere I want to because it's so portable. Also love the look of this projector. It looks so luxe and minimalist. It doesn't look like a projector at first glance to be honest, because I'm used to seeing those black rectangular ones. It comes with a strap so it's easy to lug around.

For a non-techie person like myself, this was really easy to use. It's pretty much plug and play! The projector has its own inbuilt Android operating system and it can easily connect to Wifi.

There are several ports at the back for SD card, HDMI, USB port. It even has a port for your wired headphones or earphones. This is useful if you want to watch something, yet you have to stay quiet. (Mommas, ikyk.)

I really appreciate that even if I project it to a wide screen or area, it still maintains its clarity. You can also easily adjust the sizing, zoom or focal length with just a few clicks in the remote control that it comes with. It was quite useful because I projected it to various blank spaces at home with different sizes. I was able to manually adjust it easily, no problemo.

Depending on the size of your screen or wall, you can also zoom in and out easily.

It boasts of bright 3000 lumens. High brightness makes the colors more vivid and alive in darkness. So it becomes less grainy or washed out. Other portable projectors are around 1000 lumens only. It also  has 720p HD. Clear resolution that gives great visual clarity. (1080 Blu Ray support). And as a movie goer, TV watcher, I truly noticed the difference.

My kids are avid Youtube fans so it helps that this already comes with a pre-installed Youtube app. As for myself, I love me some Netflix! And LUMOS RAY got that too! 

I can also easily cast my phone on the screen with the built in Air Screen app. Simply connect to Wifi and mirror your smartphone. Easy peasy! Here I am watching one of my most recent vlogs. So cool!

The kids were quiet when I started to play their favorite phonics song while they were having dinner. Good tip for a “no fighting” dinner, right moms?

Let me share another cool feature, the speakers! Of course, sound quality is so important when watching your favorite shows. The LUMOS RAY has a built-in Dolby audio for good cinematic surround sound that is powerful by itself.

I actually played Spotify and had a mini dance party at home with the family and the kids loved it!

And went back to playing their favorite Encanto tunes!

I finally have a little alone time so it's me and my LUMOS RAY in our home office. This room doesn't have a TV so having a projector is so amazing! I get to have some peace and quiet, rooms away from the kids. Hehe!

Highly recommend LUMOS RAY if you're looking for a home cinema type of projector. If you enjoy watching movies on a big screen, or if you have a blank wall at home and don't know what to do with it, I suggest you check out the LUMOS RAY Projectors.

Best of all, it doesn't break the bank as it only costs P8,999.00 and P11,999.00 for Smart Projector. Other competitors start at P20,000! You can order thru their website at

Thanks for reading!

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