Educating and Teaching Twins Effectively

I wouldnt say I'm a professional when it comes to twins. Wouldn't even say I know what I'm doing 100% of the time. Haha! We are 2 years in and I am still learning a thing or two.

Now that Nko and Nia are 2 and they've shown that they can understand and do more, I've started "gently and slowly" teaching them. I say gently because I haven't really become a full on tiger mom on them yet. Hehe! And honestly, it wasn't my intention for them to learn as much as they know now. I'm just thankful and lucky that God gave me great minds to mold. Hehe!

Usually I read to them and I play different games with them. It's what I did with Robyn and so i thought I'd do the same this time around.

Before, Niko really loved reading and Nia not so much. (Nia is starting to like it somehow now.) So I would read different books that we have. We also have some flash cards and I would show it to Niko, presenting the word and asking him to give the cards to me. I didn’t focus on the letters yet but I do mention it to him. Little did I know these are starting to get ino his system.  Nia, on the other hand, has her Auditory Verbal Therapy or AVT every other week. 

October of last year, when we visited Achi in the home office while she was in class, we borrowed her magnetic letters and I was surprised that Niko actually already knows more than I expected. 😍 He actually knew some letters already!

After discovering that Niko was already interested in letters, I started focusing on the phonics. Presenting the sounds and asking him to give me the corresponding letter. And what do you know, baby boy has mastered all the phonics already in just a few days! đŸ‘ĻđŸģ Good job Nikolai! 

How to effectively teach twins? I find that one-on-one is still the most effective. No distractions, no gayahan. And I find that they really listen to me when it's just one of them. But it’s nice to have them do things together too so they can model to each other. 

I try to work with them in the morning, just a few minutes or until they’re not yet bored. Sometimes in ther afternoon, if I see they’re up for it and I’m not busy. Afterwards Niko will usually start running around so Nia will then follow. Okay narin, PE time naman. Hehe! 😅
One challenge is trying out different ways to keep things still entertaining. 🙂 Thankful to family and friends who give us or lend us educational toys and games that we can use to learn. I'm blessed that both of them are eager to learn and learn so fast too.

Talked to Nia’s therapist about introducing the alphabet to Nia and she said to focus on vocabulary building first. đŸĻģđŸŧ She needs a good foundation before starting with academics. Incidentally she picks up things and she hears the phonics from either me or Niko so she still gets a letter or two here and there. Hopefully soon, Nia will follow suit. đŸĨ°

Having twins is difficult because you want to give equal attention to both. Because of Nia’s case, she obviously need a little bit more. But seeing Niko's development too makes me happy because it shows that Niko is not left out and I’m doing an okay job balancing them two.