DIY Twins' First Birthday Decor (4 Party Setups)

An exciting project with the help of my sisters. We've been planning and brainstorming how we'd decorate our place for Niko and Nia's birthday. My sister Dane, drew how it would look like, how it's supposed to at least. Hehe! And we also wanted to make another corner for my mom because it's also her birthday.

We started decorating the house a day before the party. It took almost 9 hours to finish. We started at 4:30pm and ended 1am. Haha! We decorated 4 parts of the house. Here's how they look.

First is the main setup which is the Babies' Birthday Corner. This is where we'd be taking most of our photos so we knew we needed to make this very nice. We put up balloons, banners, foil curtains as backdrop. I also bought a "1" balloon which we also used during their photo shoot. For the dessert table, we simply put tassels and put all the sweets on top.

We were very specific with the cake maker because we wanted the bears to truly look like We Bare Bears. Hehe! I found Oh My Cakes PH ( on IG) and saw that they were able to make a similar cake before. I researched different cake designs and sent it to them with my edits and revisions and we came up with this super cute cake. I also asked them to make these We Bare Bears cupcakes too. My sister, Dane, gifted all these for Niko and Nia. Thanks Sa-e! :) We also have some pastries and cookies, so we decorated them with the We Bare Bears toppers that I got online.

Next is the Buffet Area. We didn't put a lot of decor here to be honest. First because we knew we will be using this space for the food. We ordered some and my family brought some too. So we kept the decoration simple. We put some of the We Bare Bears items that we have on the ledge and made use of other home decor that I already have.

Third is behind Niko and Nia's chairs. This was just an additional look that we did. We have extra balloons not being used and we still have the fans (same fans we used during the photo shoot). So we decided to put it behind the babies' chairs. This is their spot in the dining area so we knew there'll be a few snaps so this was the perfect spot for this design.

Lastly, my Mom's Corner. It was also my mom's birthday so I bought her her own balloons too! We decided on a Rose Gold theme since my mom likes pink. I saw this pack that has different balloons of the same color family. I also got her name in Rose Gold too. She liked it! I hope she got surprised too. :) 

My sister also commissioned a birthday cake for my mom. Here she is with her two beloved pets, Poochi and Kobe.

Thank you to my sisters, Dane and Li for the labor of love! They helped me create this masterpiece. Yessss naman! Haha! And of course, Happy Birthday to our celebrants.

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