Maybelline Color Stay Matte Ink in Driver

Any of you also hunting for mask friendly lipsticks? I hear you! I also continuously hunt my own stash and try out which ones work and don't smudge and get removed when wearing masks. I like having lip color on even wearing a mask because when I eat or drink and do take off my mask, I feel like I look so unpolished and sickly, when I don't have any lip color. Hehe! Maarte eh.

Liquid lipsticks are usually long wearing so I checked out my collection of liquid lipsticks and found Maybelline Color Stay Matte Ink. This particular shade is Driver.

It comes with a doe foot applicator for precise application. 

The shade that I have is in Driver, it's a nude shade that I thought would look well for my skin tone.

As the name suggests, this is totally matte. And it truly is. There's some tugging here and there so I highly suggest to moisturize the lips well. Also, it can emphasize the lines of the lips so exfoliate the lips to make it smoother looking.

As for transferring to the masks, this is transfer proof once it dries. It takes less than a minute to dry. I am not afraid of lipstick smearing under my mask because I know that once it's set, it really is set. When drinking, it also doesn't get removed, minimal retouching may be helpful. I noticed that when eating, some parts get removed, but again not that much, so minimal retouching is okay.

As for the color, I would have wanted it to be a tad darker. I find that when I don't have that much makeup, I kinda look washed out; especially now that I've gotten a little lighter. Blame it on the pandemic and staying home. Hehe!

How about you? Any favorite lipsticks that is safe for mask wearers? :)

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