HG Longwear Lipstick: Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick

I am always in the look out for lipsticks. It’s always been my most favorite makeup item. I realized though, that I always gravitate towards long wearing and long lasting lipsticks. And when I mean long wearing- one that will let me eat and not worry if my lipstick has disappeared. I found a few that I liked and that worked for me, but my most favorite and my holy grail is Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick.

I have two shades that are truly gorgeous, Sanibel, which is a rose nude shade and Brickell, a true red, the perfect red in my opinion.

What makes this different from the usual liquid lipsticks is that it’s non-drying. I know that there are several brands claiming that this, but this is by far the best I have tried. No cracking, no flaking, no matte dry lips.

At first swipe, it looks glossy actually. But give it a few minutes it will dry up to a demi-matte finish. It still leaves enough moisture for my lips and it’s non-sticky at all.


This has become such a staple in my kit that I find myself always reaching for this tube when I have special events or occasions to go to. Why am I so obsessed? Because it’s so long wearing!!!

When I test out lipsticks’ longevity, I usually go about my day without any fuss. I eat like I haven’t eaten in a week, without trying to keep my lipstick in tact- that’s how I normally test long lasting lipsticks. And I check at the end of the day how many times I had to reapply and retouch.


And the Ofra Long-Lasting Liquid Lipsticks passes the test with such flying colors! This has become my holy grail liquid lipstick because I trust it completely! It lasts me the entire day with very minimal almost no retouching needed. It also doesn’t leave my lips dry and feeling like I haven’t drank water in years. You know what I mean? Haha!

I also just learned that some shades were 50% off just a few days ago, so I hope you were able to catch that. If not though, believe me, it’s worth every peso. This retails at P850.00 but it’s the best liquid lipstick I have tried so far. Try it for yourself and let me know what you think. 🙂 I get mine from Glamourbox.PH


Ofra Cosmetics PH

Glamourbox: http://www.glamourbox.ph