Goodbye To A Dry Pout with KPalette Lasting Lip Tint Stick

I love lip products, but I’m also quite picky at choosing them. Not only do I look at shades that will flatter my skintone, I also look at the formula. I have a lot of lipsticks in my stash that you would think it’s difficult for me to choose my favorites. Well, I actually have my preference.

I don’t particularly like matte lipsticks because I find them to be drying. I only have a couple that don’t feel too dehydrating on my lips. I prefer moisturizing ones as they save me from needing to use 2 products- a lip balm and a lipstick. And if you know me, I’m all about the long wearing lipsticks as I hate having to retouch every now and then.

In comes KPalette Lasting Lip Tint Stick. It’s a moisture-rich lip tint stick that hydrates, protects and softens the lips while leaving a long-lasting subtle sheer stain.

It is priced at P795.00 and comes in 4 shades that are all very flattering and very wearable.

01 Glamourous Beige, 02 Coral Peach, 03 Rose Pink and 04 Juicy Red

Packaging is really nice. I like how simple the bullet is yet it still has character. It looks chic yet luxurious.

Upon application, it doesn’t look as pigmented yet. It takes 2-3 swipes before you can see the actual color payoff. But I find that this is okay because the formula is not heavy at all. You can opt to keep building for more color. I also find that doing this actually gives the lips a nice tint.

In my opinion, it’s not that long-lasting. You cannot expect the same pigment after eating. It does, however, leave a tint on the lips which is pretty okay.

The reason why I liked it so much is that unlike others that are in my stash, this really packs on the moisture. It feels very comfortable on the lips. Plus it leaves a tint on my lips. So retouching is still minimal. I would choose that over dehydrated and chapped lips any day.

Here are the different shades on me:

01 Glamourous Beige

02 Coral Peach

03 Rose Pink

04 Juicy Red

It’s so difficult to choose a favorite shade to be honest, as all of them are really wearable. But if I really had to, I’d choose 03 Rose Pink and 04 Juicy Red. They’re just very versatile and they can give me a day to night look with just some extra swipe to build up the intensity of color.

If you’re looking for an everyday lipstick, this is something I highly recommend! Say goodbye to a dry looking pout!


K-Palette Philippines