Cetaphil Launches Cetaphil Baby Gentle Cleansing Bar

I told Robyn one time that she was my job. Whatever she becomes and however she grows up is because of me. It is quite a pressure, you know? But I find it to be true. With this, of course, I want nothing but good things and only the best when it comes to my daughter. And it hasn’t changed even if she’s bigger now.

I have used a couple of Cetaphil products before and they are one of my most trusted brands for my daughter’s skin even when she was a baby. And just recently, Cetaphil Baby extended their range to include toddlers with the recent launch of the new Cetaphil Baby Gentle Cleansing Bar.

It was a lovely afternoon with all the other mommies and their kids as Cetaphil invited us for their exclusive launch of their newest product.

Patty Laurel, who is a mom herself, hosted the event. She definitely knows a thing or two given that she already has 2 adorable kids.

They also invited renowned dermatologist and blooming mom-to-be Dr. Mara Padilla Evangelista-Huber who shared her expertise, discussing pediatric skincare and sharing how to give the healthy start that toddler skin deserves.

We basically learned about the Stratum Corneum, the outermost layer of the skin. How we could prevent loss of moisture while also protecting it from microorganisms and irritants from our surroundings.

According to her, a baby’s cleanser should get rid of unwanted substances while not damaging the delicate skin barrier and possible replace what has been removed in the cleansing process.

Celebrity moms Mariel Padilla and Andi Manzano-Reyes also shared the challenges of raising toddlers, as the audience fawned at the adorable Isabella Padilla and Olivia Reyes in attendance. Both babies use Cetaphil Baby products in their bath time regimen—the new Cetaphil Baby Gentle Cleansing Bar lets them enjoy the same gentle cleansing in a bath bar format for toddlers.

The new Cetaphil Baby Gentle Cleansing Bar, like regular soap, blends into a rich lather to deal with dirt and sweat. But unlike soap, the hypoallergenic formula gently cleanses without stripping or drying skin, leaving skin soft and smooth.

Cetaphil is perfect choice because it has a blend of gentle surfactants, ones that won’t irritate our children’s skin, especially now that they are more active. It has moisturizing properties, which I’m quite happy about, because it can actually mean skipping baby lotions. It is pH safe and hypoallergenic.
And we all know that Cetaphil is recommended by pediatricians and dermatologists.

The new product is meant to be added to a toddler’s shower regimen, gives them the chance to learn about hygiene without exposing their delicate skin to harsh ingredients. Use it with other products such as the Cetaphil Baby Shampoo and Cetaphil Baby Daily Lotion to form the perfect skincare routine—it’s the healthy start that baby skin deserves.

“Cetaphil Baby Gentle Cleansing Bar is our way of growing with the babies who started with our signature brand of gentle cleansing,” says Abe Mationg, Brand Manager of Cetaphil Baby. “We want to give every toddler the right foundation for a healthy skin to ensure that it is protected, now and in the future.”

Congratulations to Team Cetaphil for a successful launch!

Even though my daughter’s already a kid, I’m still so excited to use all the Cetaphil Baby products on her, starting with the Gentle Cleansing Bar.

Why not, right? She will always be my baby. 🙂


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