Robyn Update: 5 Years Old

Changing the title to Robyn update as she is no longer a toddler nor a baby. Huhu! 🙁 This video was taken last year when she was 5. I wasn’t able to upload it earlier, my bad. Still wanted to share it here though because it’s a milestone, really.

Now that she goes to a big school, more and more development has happened. She enjoys school a lot, which makes me really really happy and I love that she’s learning so much too!

Honestly, Robyn has improved and developed so much. I think that her school has really helped her a lot because she’s surrounded by her peers; she experiences more things and basically learns more.

She has also asks a lot. Haha! It’s sometimes exhausting but I know that it’s her way of learning things. I also try to be patient at answering her questions because I could actually see her trying to understand what I’m saying. And you know what’s cool? She actually applies what she’s learned- amazing right?