Tieutcup Menstrual Cup Review and Giveaway!

So excited to talk more about menstrual cups. I first used a menstrual cup back in 2015 and really, I can’t imagine life without it anymore. Last December, I was contacted by Tieutcup to review their menstrual cup. Since I have only used one brand, I was very open to the idea. It’s intriguing to see and try out different brands and find out their advantages and disadvantages.

Tieut Inc. is a women healthcare company that manufactures menstrual cup, called Tieutcup and a feminine wash. Tieut Inc. was founded because the CEO’s sister had serious menstruation pain. Therefore, he found the company in order to develop products that can solve the menstrual problems. Tieutcup can solve the menstrual problems by providing women with convenience, economic efficiency and eco-friendliness.

What are the key benefits of Tieut cup?


Tieutcup is FDA registered and made of 100% medical grade silicone.

High Volume Capacity

This cup is designed to hold as much as possible in a small package. Tieutcup Small is for women who haven’t given birth or light flow (32 ml). Tieutcup Large is for women who have given birth or heavy flow (42 ml).

Special Design

Combination of bell-type and ball-type design. This makes it more comfortable and easier to insert or remove.

Tieutcup and Ball Type comparison

Both size Large

Foldable Cup

The package includes a foldable cup. This cup can be used for storage and disinfection.

Why not tampons or pads?

First up, it’s cost effective. The cup is reusable so you will save a lot of money. Since it’s reusable and you don’t need to purchase and throw away pads, it’s also good for the environment.  They said that you can use it upto 10 years. I’ve been using mine for 3 years and so far, it’s till great!

Another things to consider is that some tampons or pads contain harmful materials which shouldn’t even come close to the human body. The Tieutcup is FDA registered and made of harmless, BPA-free medical grade silicone.

What drew me in is the capacity of this cup. I think it’s of of the highest capacity cups out there. For someone like me who has heavy flow, I always use thicker pads. With my other menstrual cup, I would normally empty it every 2 1/2 to 3 hours during the day, when I’m on my 2nd day of period. I find that if I extend it longer, there’s a high chance of leaking.

With Tieutcup, because it can hold upto 42ml, I don’t have to empty it as often. I can extend it to 4-5 hours. That is so convenient especially when I’m out and about.

Another thing that I noticed is the feel of the cup. As compared to other cups that you can choose the softness, Tieutcup has a standard texture and feel. It’s not too soft that it there’s a chance that it will crumble inside nor is it too hard that it will be difficult to insert and remove it.

In my experience, because I’m already used to the bell shape of menstrual cup, it took awhile for me to get the hang of this new shape. The Tieutcup combines both bell type and ball type shape. I found the stem to be very helpful and the grip guides to locate the cup and easily remove it. I’ve read that some people cut the stem because their cervix are low. But I think that in this case, it’s important to keep the stem. I found that the cup hikes up a little bit so it may be difficult to remove it without the help of the stem.

There are several folds that you can do/use and they work well for Tieutcup but my most trusted one, ever since starting my menstrual cup journey is the 7 fold. I find that this is the easiest way for me to insert my cup and make sure that it opens properly.

Another thing that I like is the collapsible silicone cup. It’s a great way to store your menstrual cup. It may also be used when cleaning the cup. Simply fill the collapsible cup with boiling water. Another way is to put your menstrual cup inside the collapsible cup and place it in the microwave.

I personally don’t do this anymore and actually saved my collapsible cup. I plan to bring it with me in my bag in lieu of disposable or plastic cups. I’ve used it during my last cycle and enjoyed it very much. It makes having a period more convenient, less messy and overall more comfortable.

If you’ve been wanting to try menstrual cups, this is the perfect time for I am holding a giveaway! I am giving away 1 small and 1 large Tieut cups.

The mechanics are pretty simple.

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Open to Philippine residents only. Giveaway is until March 3, 2019.

So good luck and I really hope it changes the way you deal with your period. 🙂



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