Young Living Premium Starter Kit Unboxing and Experience

I’ve been using essential oils, specifically Young Living for a few months now and I think it’s safe to say I do believe it works. It’s always difficult to really test and talk about effectivity of certain products because let’s face it, just like with anything else- what works for me may not work for you. That is why it took me awhile before sharing my story.

I’ve talked about essential oils in my videos countless times though and have shared some of my favorite blends that actually worked for the family.

In this post though, I wanted to show you an unboxing of the Young Living Premium Starter Kit (PSK). This was the first kit of essential oils that I purchased. Since I thought that if I will be doing this, might as well do this right.

It took about a week or less to get the box. I ordered online, if you’re interested and would like to order your own, you may use my code . See, you can only order if you become a member.

The initial order is the PSK that already comes with a diffuser. It’s $160 and additional $14 for shipping to the Philippines. What’s great is I received straight to my house. I didn’t need to go to the post office or somewhere else to claim my package.

It’s packed very well to make sure that everything is in good condition. I read some unfortunate incidents that some oil leaked or their diffuser didn’t work properly, but if you report it to Young Living, they will immediately take action- either refund or send you a new one.

I also received two magazines/newsletter.

Included in the PSK are 11 essential oils to get you started. Take note that this was the PSK early this year. I know that some oils were replaced with other oils.

The basic essential oils included are Lemon, Copaiba, Digize, Thieves, Peppermint, Panaway, R.C., Purification, Frankincense, Lavender and Stress Away (at the bottom part of the box).

Out of all the essential oils, I’ve used Lemon, Copaiba, Digize, Peppermint and Lavender most. So this was actually a good starter kit since most of the recipes and blends require these oils anyway.

The Dewdrop Diffuser is the simplest diffuser of Young Living and is very beginner friendly. You may opt to upgrade the diffuser by paying a minimal additional fee.

The diffuser also has 3 setups. First click of the power button turns it on with a relaxing blue color- which you can already use as a night lamp. Second click, it turns off the light but it will continue diffusing. Third click of the button turns off the diffuser altogether.

There’s a water guide- the red button. Put just enough water to hit the red button. I believe that’s about 100ml. It also has an automatic timer of 4 hours. I personally leave it on for 4 hours when we’re battling a sickness. But more often that not, I turn it off after 2 hours.

Other stuff in the package- ones that are found at the bottom of the box- 2 samples of Ningxia Red drink, some sachets of essential oils (There’s about 5 drops of essential oils if I’m not mistaken), 2ml amber bottles, a roller ball that you may use to replace the cap of the essential oil if you’re going to use it directly on the skin. They call this “neat” and some info cards that you may give away together with the sample sachets.

That’s pretty much what you’ll get when you order Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit. Now, other than those, you will still need to order a few more accessories, such as roll on bottles- where you’ll place your blends; other amber bottles if you plan to make Master Blends and so on.

Is it worth it? Paying $170+ is no joke, but if you are really intrigued and want to try oiling, I think the price is okay given that you get 11 essential oils! Maybe these oils aren’t enough (this is what happened to myself) so you’d order more. But you will still need to get the basic foundation of oils and the PSK is exactly that.

The main reason why I even started with essential oils is because of my family. My daughter used to have cough almost every month and we would need to bring her to the pedia and her doctor will prescribe antiobiotic. She’d take that and get better for a week and then gets back to coughing the week after. It was very tiring and poor Robyn, she’s so used to taking so many meds. Can you imagine taking antibiotic every month and still get sick once the medication is over?

I learned about Homeopathy 2 years ago and it has drastically helped Robyn. No more pabalik balik to the doctor. Her lungs have really improved. So I do believe in trying to go the natural path first before taking other medication. So essential oils is another supplement to her Homeopathic supplements. Plus, hubby and I don’t take any Homeopathic supplements so Essential Oils will be our first defense.

So if you’re like me, looking for a more natural alternative and are sick and tired of giving antibiotics, you may try Essential Oils. It has been a great addition to our immunity boosters and like what I said, our first defense to sickness and also works to prevent getting sick too!

Just in case you want to order your own, you may use my membership code- to get in and don’t forget to choose DHL for shipping. Also, my team suggested to keep your orders less than $200 so you won’t get taxed and there won’t be any problems with customs. 🙂