Reusable Cloth Panty Liners and Menstrual Pads

Getting our monthly visitor is always such a hassle. No wonder ladies tend to get moody during that time of the month. I’ve talked about menstrual cups before and how dealing with Aunt Flow has become so much more manageable ever since. But even though I use a menstrual cup, I still prefer wearing a liner with it. I don’t change it anymore (I wear it in the morning and change if when I get home) as it just serves as extra protection and more often than not, it doesn’t get soiled anyways.

I still have extra trash as the liners that I use are disposable. And since I am already trying to minimize my waste, I decided to use Reusable/Cloth Pads as well.

Honestly, it’s just like Cloth Diaper-ing once again. I canvassed and tried to find the most cost-efficient brand of liners and pads. After researching, I purchased a set of panty liners and a set of menstrual pads from on Shopee. It’s overseas shipping so expect to receive it about a week or so after ordering. It was an easy transaction, to be honest. I think that’s why online shopping is so addicting. I personally find myself on Shopee all the time, checking out good deals!

First, I knew I needed some Cloth Panty Liners.

Bamboo Charcoal Cloth Menstrual Pantyliner Set

Each Package Includes:

6 Panty Liners and 1 Mini Wet Bag


It’s usually given randomly but you may choose if you want the lighter or darker designs. It’s not a sure thing though.


Panty Liner Size: 18.5*20.5 Cm
The Panty Liner Material: 1 Layer Bamboo Charcoal +1 Layer Microfiber +1 Layer Waterproof Printed PUL

I use this together with my menstrual cup and it works perfectly. I’ve also used this for normal days even without my period and it’s very comfortable to wear. Since it’s a panty liner, it’s not as long as ordinary pads so it is important to make sure that you place it on and adjust it to your liking properly before wearing your pants.


Another thing that I purchased are Cloth Menstrual Pads.

Bamboo Charcoal Regular Flow Cloth Menstrual Pads Set


Each Package Includes:

6 Regular Flow Pads and 1 Mini Wet Bag


Just like the panty liners, the designs are chosen randomly by the seller.


Regular Flow Pads Size: 18.5*25.5 Cm

The Regular Flow Pads Material: 1 Layer Bamboo Charcoal +2 Layers Microfiber +1 Layer Waterproof Printed PUL

I decided to order Regular Flow Menstrual Pads as well because I normally wear a regular napkin on my 2nd day and sometimes 3rd day of period. This is typically when my menstruation is really heavy. I would always time it so I know when to empty my cup, but there are times I forget or sometimes, there’s just no chance to go to the bathroom right away; so the pad is a good security blanket for me. It really doesn’t get dirty all the time, but just that safety net puts me at ease.

Both sets come with a Mini Wet Bag. And so, I got two cute wet bags.


The  Mini Wet Bag Size: 14*18 Cm

The Mini Wet Bag Material:Waterproof Printed PUL

The reason why the set comes with a wet bag is for you to store your soiled reusable pads. I decided to keep this, since I didn’t have any use for it- I still wear my menstrual cup and don’t need to rely on the pads.

In terms of absorbency, I can’t say much since I really don’t need an absorbent pad because I still wear my menstrual cup. That is also the main reason why I only chose the Regular Flow Pads. I just like having a pad with my cup for security. I have only worn the Cloth Panty Liners alone and they work very well. I haven’t worn my Menstrual Pad alone during my red days though.

Washing is very easy as well. I personally just throw it in the washing machine together with our clothes. What I do is after using it, I just hand wash it a little (this is also a good tip so your pads will not stain) then throw it in the wash during laundry day. So easy!

Nevertheless, I think it’s a good stepping stone for those who are looking for a reusable alternative and aren’t ready to dive in the menstrual cup scene yet. These cloth pads are non-invasive. Haha! As you just wear it like an ordinary disposable pad. You may use the wet bag that comes with it to keep the used ones and bring it home to wash.

There are local sellers of Reusable Pads as well and remember, this is a really good step in helping Mother Nature and even reducing your expenses. Pads tend to be quite pricey too! Hope this helps in minimizing waste one pad at a time. 🙂