Majoica Majorca Brow Customize Sword Type Pencil Review

One of the brands that I miss is Majolica Majorca. Unfortunately, it’s no longer available in the Philippines. Maybe there are some online stores still selling though, that’s where I got mine. But it’s different when you get to see the product upclose and get to swatch right?Anyways, one of the products from Majolica Majorca that I adore is the Brow Customize.

You have to purchase the case and the product separately.

The Brow Customize Holder is basically the body of the eyebrow pencil, it also already comes with a spoolie at the end. This is the part that you don’t need to throw away as you can reuse it and just buy the Brow Customize next time around.

The Brow Customize Sword Cut is the actual eyebrow pencil. It’s safely secured in its own little casing. The shade that I purchased is BR660.

It’s very easy to put them together. Simply snap them in place and voila, a full sized eyebrow pencil.

One thing I don’t quite like is that the product doesn’t have a cap. It’s a twist type product. It’s a personal preference of course.

The shade that I use is BR660. It’s a dark brown with a grey undertone; which is perfect for darker hair. I like the shape of the pencil, the sword shape because it lets me draw and create nice lines on my brows. It’s also very easy to maneuver. The pencil isn’t as creamy as others and it’s harder in consistency. But thankfully it doesn’t drag on the skin. I hate it when pencils do that!

The reason why I keep coming back to it is the longevity it gives. To think that it’s just one of your usual looking eyebrow pencils, it can really stay put for a long time! I usually use this when I go to the gym and let me tell you, my brows still look decent even after an hour of intense workout.

Unfortunately, I forgot how much I got this for I’m sure it’s not more than P600. For the price, this is such a good buy! I highly recommend this especially for those who are just beginning to master doing their eyebrows. Hopefully you can still find this product somwhere and give it a try!