The New Matte in Town, Snoe Rouge Deluxe Exotique

It’s so easy to be judged, especially nowadays with the outbreak of social media. As a blogger, I’ve gotten my share of bashing and unfair judgement. I guess with age, you just learn how to ignore and deal with them. What’s quite funny is that we get judged so easily, without even taking the time to know us; who we really are.

This brings me to the new products from Snoe. When I received an invite to the launch of their new Rouge Deluxe lip line, Exotique, I had to say it peaked my interest. All of their teasers and even the names of the products were very curious. They seemed so “negative” and so dark. So, as I obviously initially expected the line to be dark and rich.

To everyone’s surprise, the shades were pretty muted, neutral and some even on the pastel family. Talk about the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Well, “Don’t judge a lipstick by its name.” I was practically dumbfounded when I realized that even I, make fast judgement!

The Exotique line had a buttery matte creamy texture. It also was very pigmented. One swipe and you’ll instantly get the color from the tube. There are 12 shades and I took home 2 shades from the collection, Disloyal and Anger.

It is priced at P499. The tube packaging is pretty simple. It’s a clear plastic packaging with the logo. Nothing really fancy, but I somehow liked it as I could take a peek at the shade right away.

The lipsticks have a certain scent to it, a sweet almost candy scent that goes away in a few minuted upon application. It is also rich in Exotic Oils & Butters that make this product unique.

I really like that they’re pigmented. I don’t have to keep on swiping just to get the color. Though, they are buildable if you want a more intense color. But as I got the deeper shades, I use a light hand when I want a “lighter” color on my lips.

Application wise, it doesn’t glide as smoothly. Because it is a matte lipstick, so there’s a little tugging. Lip balm may be used beforehand or simply scrub the lips the night before.

Longevity is okay. I don’t need to retouch unless I eat. There’s no fading whatsoever and the color doesn’t bleed.


Now let’s talk about Disloyal.

Disloyal is a brownish pink color. It’s a slightly deeper neutral shade, a few shades darker than my actual lip color but because of the hint of pink, it maintains to look wearable.

Here’s me rocking Disloyal.

Onto the next shade, Anger.

Anger, on the other hand, is a golden brown shade. I was initially scared to wear it as it was a lot darker than Disloyal. But I don’t have this color in my lipstick collection. It’s quite unique because of the its golden undertone.

Among these 2, I find myself reaching for Disloyal more. But I did find that wearing Anger and topping it off with something pinky, is also nice as it lightens that intensity a little and makes it more wearable for daytime.


Congratulations to Jen and the entire Snoe team for another success!

Snoe is one of the first local independent brands that I watched grow from when they started and I’m very happy that they keep coming up with really cool ideas and great quality products.


Snoe Beauty