Creer Cleansing Water Makeup Removers

My mom has always emphasized the importance of skin care. I still remember her telling me to always remove my makeup before going to bed, even if I’m tired. So that’s a beauty tip I have kept for years and years.

Choosing makeup removers is a tricky business. It will all depend on how much makeup you use and of course your preference. I’m so glad that my friends from Beautybox Corp brought Creer Cleansing Water to the market!


There are 2 different products perfect for a makeup lover like myself. There’s Cleansing Water Spa Water for light makeup and Cleansing Water Oil In for heavy, full face makeup. It’s a 4in1 product as it is a makeup remover, face wash, skin refiner and facial lotion in 1.


Honestly, I love both but my hats off goes to the Creer Cleansing Water Oil In. Because it’s goals, guys! See, when I wear a full face makeup, of course it’s very important that I make sure everything’s completely removed. I wear a lot of waterproof makeup; it’s very warm and humid in the Philippines and waterproof makeup is our best friend. So I’ve put this product to the test.


Here’s one of those days:

And so my product of choice is the Cleansing Water Oil In. Even though it’s tough at removing makeup, it’s still very gentle on the skin as it has no alcohol and no paraben. It’s important that you shake the bottle first before using it.

You can use it for your eye makeup and for the rest of the face! So it’s a 2 in 1 product, and if you’re tired AF, reaching for only 1 product is a blessing!

Yes it can remove even waterproof mascara and liners! No problem at all. I just leave the cotton pad on my eyes for a few seconds before wiping it off.

Since it’s so easy to use, cleansing has become so much easier. Actually you can opt not to wash your face anymore. I’ve tried doing that when I used the Cleansing Water Spa Water. But since I used the Cleansing Water Oil In here, I still washed my face just to rid of the excess oil.

Like what I said, this is such a good product!!! It’s HG material and it’s affordable too. I have made the switch to using Creer because of how easy it is to use, how effective it is to remove my makeup and because it has less chemicals which means less harshness to the skin!

It’s already available now so you can now grab a bottle and start cleansing! 🙂