MoChic Cups, Chic Eco-Friendly Reusable Cups

Being a homemaker is a job that I take seriously. Ever since owning our own place back in 2012, I have been very hands on with everything home related. We spent years living without a helper and me doing most of the household chores. As my husband simply puts it, he handles the outside, and I, the inside.

Recently, I have become more conscious about the environment. 5 years ago, I decided to use cloth diapers on my daughter to not only save money, but also to help reduce waste. I then moved on to using a menstrual cup  for myself. Other than those, I have also discussed my love for glass food containers and how useful they are. I’ve been reading more about the Zero Waste lifestyle and even though there are some things that I don’t think I’m ready to dive into yet; there are some that made me realize that I have already been helping Mother Earth without even realizing it.

In comes MoChic Cup. MoChic is a modern, convenient, handy cup, designed specifically to the highest standards, aimed at ensuring you a healthy and enjoyable drinking experience. Made from high quality materials, but with an eye for fashion and convenience, the British designer’s brief was to deliver a product that is modern, Chic, healthy, easy to use and looks good.

I actually received this cup as a gift. I totally forgot who gifted me this. First thing I noticed is the packaging. It was packaged into this carton type of packaging and inside is a leaflet together with the product. I actually really liked the packaging that I can’t seem to throw it away. Recycle it, perhaps? 🙂

I got the Tritan Handy Cup 12oz which was the Medium size.  Here are the specs:

Material: Tritan plastic + silica gel

Capacity: 12OZ (340ML)

Size: 86(diameter) * 108MM (height)

Colors Available: lemon yellow/lake blue/passionate red/charming pink/lime green/mint green

Packaging: 45PCS/carton

Carton size:53*33*49CM


Tritan Handy Cup 12oz


Of course I got Lemon Yellow. Because, of course. I noticed that the lid really seals tightly, which is always a concern with these types of cups. I also liked that this already had a built in sleeve so it’s perfect for hot drinks. I personally use it for coffee.

This is the lid. I actually use a metal straw when I drink coffee. That’s just me, I somehow think that it will help prevent teeth staining when I use a straw. So parallel to trying to use less non-reusable items, I also purchased metal straws to take with me. I can easily put it in the slit of the lid. The lid and sleeve are made of FDS certified silicone material and the glass body is manufactured from high quality borosilicate glass. The high quality glass is also known as hard glass that has a low expansion rate, high temperature strength, high transparency and chemical stability.

It is BPA free and also sfe for use in microwave and dishwashers, if you have any. But if you’re going to reheat drinks, remove the silicone lid first.

The medium size is comparable to a large mug. And I’m actually looking into getting the large size which is 16oz because, well, I drink a lot. Haha!

After researching awhile, I learned that there’s no physical store selling MoChic cups. However, I found some sellers on Shopee. So if you’re interested in buying, you might want to give them a call. 🙂 And let’s all be chic and eco-friendly together!