Ten Ten Holiday Collection For Any Day!

I received the Holiday Collection of Ten Ten Nail Polishes last December and talked about it briefly before. But let me give you a “fuller” post because really, all the shades are gorgeous. And even if this was supposed to be their holiday set, the shades are actually perfect for any day.


The set includes 5 shades that are on the cooler side. I guess that’s why they launched it last holiday. Colder weather, and we usually prefer bolder shades. Without further ado, here’s a closer look at the polishes.

Deep Plum


Petal Pink


Cornflower Blue


The last 2 are my favorites from the bunch.

Nude Mauve


I’ve actually worn this twice since getting the set. It’s just a very clean, very sophisticated shade. This works for moms like me who can’t be bothered thinking of matching my polish to my look. Haha!


Purple Grey


Another favorite is Purple Grey. It’s the first shade that caught my eye. It’s dark yet still wearable, not in an intimidating kind of way. I usually prefer lighter colors but this just spoke to me. Haha! I’ve worn this on my toes when we went on our trip.


I talked about Ten Ten Nail Polishes before (click here if you want to read about it),  but let me give you a summary. It’s one of the best! It’s surprisingly inexpensive but the quality s superb.

My fave on my nails!


I love how chip resistant Ten Ten nail polishes are. It’s also safe for children, pregant and even breastfeeding moms as it’s Five-Free which means the polishes are made without formaldehyde, toulene, dbp, formaldehyde resin and camphor.

I also learned that they also came out with their newest set which is the Bella Donna Collection. I haven’t gotten it but from the looks of it, WOW. So dainty and so fresh!!!



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