KPalette Lasting Eyebrow Tint, Eyebrow on the Go!

This may be a tad late considering that this product ha been out in the market for a month now. But I still wanted to talk about it just in case some of you may be wondering what it’s all about. I’m talking about eyebrow tints. I’ve tried a couple and perhaps I’d post about the others next time but for today, I wanted to share about the most recent one I’ve used, KPalette Lasting Eyebrow Tint.



It’s basically a peel of tint for the brows. It looks like glue on the tube but it leaves a tint to the brows that lasts for days leaving you with “made up eyebrows” even as you wake up in the morning. Best of all is that it actually stays put even when you take a bath, rub your brows or sweat.




I’ve used the KPalette Lasting Eyebrow Tint a couple of times now. First time was when we went on a family vacation and rented out a BnB resort. I did swim with my newly tinted brows and my brows were still there amidst the water and the rubbing.



I gotta admit it looks quite intense when first applied. It feels like glue on the brows. I remember my aunt (I also tinted their brows just for kicks) asking if it will remove her real brows as it really clings on to the hair. The answer to that is no. You actually apply it to the skin as well so that the product will tint the skin.



KPalette Lasting Eyebrow Tint first came in with 3 shades; light brown, natural brown and mocha brown. But they added a new one, smoky brown. I normally use natural brown but find that at the third day it fades into light brown. So for those who have dark hair, you may actually opt for mocha brown or perhaps smoky brown.



Here’s what my brows look like when I used the product. I really wanted to document how it lightens gradually.


Morning after tinting my brows

So please ignore the mukhang bagong gising look because I literally just woke up and peeled it off.


Little tip, I actually tint my brows at night and just sleep with it. I thought that this might tint my brows and give me longer effect. Though based on my experiment, it only lasts for about 3 days. But I still do my tinting right before I go to bed just so I wouldn’t have to worry about what I look like for the next 2 hours. I just peel it off the next day when I wake up and voila, brows to go!



You may have a hard time filling everything evenly so you’d actually see some lighter patches. I personally am not so concerned about it, but if you are, you can fill it with a little bit of eyebrow product.





I have been going to the gym recently and with this, I sweat a lot. I also enjoy steam baths every now and then which means more moisture on my brows. But the KPalette Lasting Eyebrow holds up pretty well.



Here is Day 3. With no additional eyebrow makeup. Just wanted to show you how it looks after 3 days of wearing it not being concerned that I have no eyebrow on. 🙂




I don’t need to do much when I have the tint on. And now that my life has been quite erratic and I’ve become more busy lately. And to be honest, I gave myself less time to do my everyday makeup since I’m only going to school and the gym most days. It has helped me tremendously having tinted brows that help make me look more “complete” and made up somehow.



Overall, I really like this product a lot and I do recommend it. Great news is they just launched another shade, Smoky Brown. So if you haven’t found your shade in the 3 shades that were previously available, this might be the one for you!



K Palette