Dr. Bauer Pobling Pore Sonic Cleanser Facial Brush

One of the things I was pretty crazy about the past year or so was face and pore brushing/cleansing. I have always been pretty basic, cleansing with a normal/regular facial wash using my fingers, foaming it up and then rinsing it. I have also always done the 3 step rule- cleanse, tone and moisturize. So needing a separate tool just to cleanse my face didn’t seem a necessity for the longest time. That is until I tried it.


I researched different face brush cleaners and found that Clarisonic is one of the most famous and really hyped one out there. But it also costs a lot of money. And like what I said, I’m pretty basic, so I didn’t want to spend too much on a tool I didn’t think I needed.



Fast forward when we went to Hong Kong 2 years ago, I found the Dr. Pobling Pore Sonic Cleaner in one of the small shops I visited and since it didn’t cost a fortune, it was only 89HKD- so I decided to purchase one and give it a go. This product is anti-bacterial, had fine brushes (0.06-0.07mm),vibrations of 10,000/min, waterproof and needs 1 AAA battery to operate.



There are different colors for this model. Gold, silver, blue and pink- if I remember correctly. I chose Gold simply because my vanity is white and gold and I wanted it to be matchy matchy. (Although I ended up keeping this in the shower, so it really didn’t matter. Hehe!)



The brush is ultra-soft but still very dense. I remember I purchased a facial brush from a different brand and it was very soft too. However, because it was so soft, I didn’t feel like it was doing it’s job well. I didn’t feel like it was actually cleaning my skin better than how I would normally do it using my fingers. This, though, I did feel the mild pressure on my skin.



You can also change and replace brush heads. There was a set being sold that already included an extra brush head. I personally didn’t think I needed it but it’s good to know that you can replace it. You simply plush the brush out and place the new one.



At the middle part of the brush is the on/off power button and at the bottom is the stand that comes with it.



It needs 1 AAA battery to operate and you simply slide the bottom part down to get to the batt.



As for the performance, I really enjoyed using this most especially when I have makeup on. I could really see that it cleans my face well. When I have makeup on, I remove my makeup first with my cleansing oil and then brush my face with facial cleanser.


I could feel the vibration when I turn it on and leave it on a part of my face for a few seconds before moving it around. I try to stay on one spot for 10 seconds before moving to another just to make sure I clean all the pores well. Big pores problems!



Normally, after cleansing, when I tone my face, I can still see some dirt left. But when I brush my face, nothing! I still do tone my face afterwards even though I don’t see any dirt left behind just because I’m already used to it and it helps close the pores.



Honestly, I still don’t use this every single day, even though I believe it’s safe to do so. Just because I’m quite lazy and sometimes I need to do things fast (Robyn and I shower together). But I try my best to use it often just to feel like I did a good job deep cleaning my skin.



I also noticed that I use a smaller amount of facial cleanser when I use this. I know that a lot of brands are now selling similar products and I urge you to check them out. It’s a nice thing to have in your shower when you feel like wanting a deeper clean. This also helps lessen break outs and pimples as it can really rid of dirt from the pores. Hopefully, this will also help minimize the pores, though I haven’t seen any major changes.


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