Maybelline Super BB Cushion Fresh Matte Review

One of the BB cushions that I enjoyed using the past year and realized haven’t blogged about yet is the Maybelline Super BB Cushion Fresh Matte. The Maybelline Super BB Cushion is a lightweight matte cushion which is pretty surprising for someone like me who don’t normally grab cushions. But because of the “matte” name, I gravitated towards it. I received this last summer which was so perfect, but seriously, even after summer I’ve worn this multiple times; because you know how it is here in the Philippines, it’s extremely warm and sometimes very humid. So anything mattes helps us out a lot.



It also promises to keep sebum under control and will last for 12 hours. I’m quite skeptic with claims like this because well– Philippines and combination skin. ‘Nuff said.


Just like any other cushions, the sponge is separated from the product. This sponge feels different though. I find it a little stiffer than my other sponges.


This cushion is priced at P749.00 with 14g weight. It comes in two shades – Light and Natural. I actually have both shades but the one that I have tried so far is Natural because I got a tan and got darker this summer.


Let’s break down the shade Natural. I knew that Light would be too light for me since I did get darker. The shade Natural when swatched looked peachy which I thought might still not match me. It looked quite orange even when blended in but when I finally tried it on my face, well it matched! So girls, remember when you’re testing out foundations and base makeup, best to apply and try it on your face to be more accurate. ๐Ÿ™‚



First Impression:











I was quite pleased with the result. There were still matte parts of my face generally speaking. There were definitely shiny parts here and there but I somehow already expected that. There were parts that also emphasized my dry patches but nothing that will be noticeable from afar. I couldn’t wait til the end of the day anymore to roadtest it though because those shiny parts were already making me feel uncomfortable and girl, I did so many things I just wanted a shower. Haha! I like that I still looked decent.


Full Review:



I still stand by the fact that this cushion is made for tropical countries such as the Philippines. It’s not a total matte cushion, I would say it’s demi-matte; which works for me simply because I don’t want a 1D flat look.  Moreover, just like what I did on my first impression, I highly suggest to still set your makeup  with powder. Light dusting will do. Oil control is good especially compared to other cushions I’ve tried. Minimal retouching, though yes retouching with powder is still a must for a whole day’s wear.  I also keep blotting papers in my purse so that has been quite useful when I need to reduce shine.


I also wanted to mention that the color fit me perfectly. It also didn’t turn grey and even with photos, it looks great. I have recorded videos wearing this bb cushion and it looked really good. Coverage is light to medium. I still had to conceal dark circles because, err.. mine’s really dark. But as for my blemishes, it gets the job done. If you have heavy acne marks or scars though, I think you would still need to conceal.


Would I recommend Maybelline’s Super BB Cushion Fresh Matte? Absolutely! It’s quite affordable. It gives that demi-matte healthy looking skin. It gives good coverage and partnered with a good primer and some setting powder, it lasts the whole day! ๐Ÿ˜‰