LEGO Friends: The Power of Friendship

One of the most recent mommy related events I went to was the event of LEGO Friends. I went with Robyn and we actually vlogged it. Robyn and I were both excited to learn more about this new line of LEGO.


LEGO Friends is a product range of the Lego construction toy designed primarily for girls. Introduced in 2012, the theme introduced the “mini-doll” figures, which are about the same size as the traditional minifigures but are more detailed and realistic.


The sets include pieces in pink and purple color schemes and depict scenes from suburban life set in the fictional town of Heartlake City.


In the initial wave of sets, the larger sets include bricks that can build a veterinary clinic, a malt-style café, a beauty salon and a suburban house; smaller sets included a “cool convertible,” a design studio, an inventor’s workshop and a swimming pool.


Before the event started, Robyn played with the LEGOs that were displayed in the play area. As always, she had so much fun building her towers and her castles.


She already has a few LEGO pieces at home so building blocks has already been a past time of hers.

Here she is aiming to build a really tall tower. She said she watched it on Youtube.


LEGO Friends theme center around five best friends, each with their own unique personality, who live in the beautiful Heartlake City, where there are lots of cute animals to take care of, shops to visit and houses to live in.


LEGO Friends characters:
Olivia is an environmentalist who enjoys science, nature, and history. She also enjoys inventing, hiking, taking pictures, school and drawing. She is also a caretaker of a newborn foal. Her signature colors are pink, purple, and white. She is very intelligent and focused, yet at times clumsy.

Stephanie is a confident natural leader. She is very social, creative and organized. She loves planning events, parties, and soccer. She also enjoys talking to people, writing stories and dancing ballet as well. Her signature colors are white, magenta and light pink, and her favorite food is cupcakes.

Mia is the animal lover of the group, Mia is also a vegetarian. She enjoys taking care of and spending time with animals. She also excels at sports, training animals and drumming, and enjoys riding horses, camping and magic tricks. Her signature colors are light blue, green, and purple. She is very caring and athletic, yet somewhat stubborn.

Emma is the fashionista of the group, Emma is a very stylish and trendy girl who loves style. As shown in the sets she appears in, she enjoys fashion design, making jewelry, interior design, makeovers, English horseback jumping and karate. Her signature colors are purple and pink. She is very fashionable, yet sometimes forgetful and unable to speak up for herself.

Andrea is the musician of the group. She is a talented singer and great at making up her own songs. She loves anything that pertains to music: singing, playing the piano, dancing, and drama/theater, and is also a great cook, as she works at a café, as well as a loving for bunnies. She is practical, yet at times overly dramatic. She is sometimes a little full of herself, but she normally learns her lesson.



The little girl in me basically squealed when I saw the LEGOs. See normally, we would think of LEGOs as toys for the boys because of the “block” nature. But the LEGO Friends, with its dainty character, made it even more fun for girls to play with.

Thank you LEGO for having us!


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