YELLOWMUM: Johnson's Active Kids Shiny Drops Shampoo

I was so excited to receive the new shampoo of Johnson's, Johnson's Active Kids Shiny Drops Shampoo, for so many reasons. First, is the packaging, it's in the castle form. I think every girl dreams of becoming a princess, living in a castle. It's been a few days but she still plays with it with her little toys.

The castle is pink and personalize with my baby girls name. How cute is that! They also provided Robyn with crowns (which she's pretty obsessed with if I may add) and a really useful hairbrush that she has been using ever since getting it. 

And obviously, the most important thing is we were introduced to Johnson's Active Kids Shiny Drop Shampoo. 

Johnson's understands that as your child grows, the hair also changes and needs its very own special care.  

The shampoo is dermatologist tested. It's got no added parabens, is hypoallergenic and 100% soap free. The Shiny Drops Shampoo is also infused with Argan Oil and silk proteins. It's still "no more tears" formula.

I actually have just decided that I should switch Robyn to a toddler/kids shampoo. For the longest time, we've used head to toe wash on her just because I was used to using baby products on her, even though I know she's no longer a baby. Huhu! Awhile back while we were using baby's head to toe product for her hair, I noticed that her hair got sticky, limp and dry. Even my husband, who sometimes does Robyn's hair, saw it too. That's when we realized that maybe we need to up our game and upgrade her to a toddler's shampoo. So discovering Johnson's Shiny Drops Shampoo was heaven sent. 

We started using Johnson's Shiny Drops Shampoo and immediately saw a difference. I am so happy to say that it really fits Robyn's hair and skin. Right away her hair got softer and definitely shinier. 

Another issue was now that Robyn goes to school Mondays to Fridays, when I smell her head, it sometimes doesn't smell good anymore. You know the scent of kid's perspiration, humidity and dirty air combined? Yup sometimes her head smells like that at the end of the day. Why wouldn't it be? She's an active toddler. She runs around; she plays under the sun and she sweats more than before. So using a kid's shampoo is inevitable. Johnson's Shiny Drops smells really good. It has a subtle sweet scent that is not overpowering even for a child like her. For me, it's just the perfect amount of sweetness that battles and combats Robyn's stinky head. ;)

So far we are enjoying the shampoo very much and I don't think we're ever going back to just using head to toe wash for her beautiful growing hair. Her hair is no longer sticky, smelly and most importantly her hair is no longer dry and even silky and shinier! 

I do suggest that you check it out if you have an active toddler or a kid just like mine. Remember they may grow into using kids and older children's products, but they will always be your baby.


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