Maybelline Deam Satin Skin Foundation Review

I have used my Maybelline Deam Satin Skin Air-Whipped Liquid Foundation quite a lot these past months and because of that, I’m more confident to share with you my full review on this product. I’ve been grabbing this a lot not just because I wanted to finish my review but also because I honestly fell in love with it.
The Maybelline Dream Satin Skin has an almost moussey consistency which is why they call it air-whipped liquid foundation. It retails P499 but I got it on 50% off on sale! Talk about a bargain!
The shade that I purchased is O1, the lighest shade. I was initially hesitant and wanted to get the next shade darker which was B2, because at first swatch it matched my skin really well. However, knowing that foundations tend to get darker on my skin, I chose O1 instead.

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I wasn’t able to take photos of my face when I just applied my makeup. But here are some of the photos a few hours after makeup application.
My first impression? I loved it! Compared to other foundations I’ve tried, this actually stayed more matte. It gave me medium coverage which I’m assuming is buildable but I really liked the finish. It kept my skin semi-matte and looking fresh.
Full Review:
I find it very interesting that this foundation is priced so cheap. It’s actually on my top shelf and I reach for it quite regularly. As you all know, I don’t wear liquid foundations on a daily basis just because I don’t like that heavy feeling and I don’t like seeing any “cakeyness” on my face. But this product proved to be a good foundation and a good addition to my everyday make up because it doesn’t feel heavy, yet it still gives really good coverage.

In my first impression video you may have seen me talk good things about this foundationa and even at the end of the day, after doing so many things and running so many errands it still looked very decent on my skin. Also the color was perfect on my skin. it didn’t turn greyish. It matched me perfectly.
After using it several times I can now conclude that this is definitely one of my favorite foundations as of the moment. It gives me a semi-matte look. I do have to wear a primer (because I have combination skin and I can’t keep my oiliness in check if I don’t). 


  • consistency and texture’s great
  • color matches me perfectly
  • natural looking
  • light to medium coverage
  • SPF24
  • semi-matte finish which makes me look glowy
  • sale price was P250!
  • nothing
This is a really good discovery! Even for special occasions, I can still wear this and look like I’m wearing a high-end foundation. If you’re looking for a liquid foundation that gives you good coverage and a semi-matte finish, I highly suggest that you try this foundation out. I fell in love with this right off the bat and I’m sure you will too.

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