My first Diet Delivery Service with Diet Buddy PH

As a hands-on mom, it's hard to make time to go to the gym. After household chores, caring for my kid, cooking our meals and working too (yes I work from home), I end up exhausted. And since we don't have a yaya/nanny, there's really no one to look after my daughter. We live separately to our families so it's a hassle to bring her to their house just for me to go to the gym and attend a class. So the next option for me in terms of loosing weight is dieting. I love food so much that I know I have a tendency to do the yo-yo diet. 

So I decided to cut down my carbs staring November last year. Here in the Philippines, it's close to impossible to eat without rice. Our food is best partnered with rice, that's just the way we eat. So I know it's a difficult thing but I managed to do it. So far I'm doing well, almost 1 year!

After a few months of eating very little rice, I decided that I want to up it a notch and reduce my food intake. So I availed of Diet Buddy PH diet service for a week. My sister had tried a lot of diet services and she recommended I try it even for a week just to train my stomach to eat a specific portion of meal. 

I actually tried this last January but haven't gotten around to posting about it. But since I'm almost a year old in my "diet", I'm now really taking fitness more seriously. And so I wanted to share my experience with you as well.

 Menu when I availed of their service

To be honest, service was really good. From my inquiries to delivery, they were prompt and very approachable. They deliver both in the morning of the same day & late afternoon day before consumption depending on your preference. They delivered mine around 6pm everyday so it was very convenient because I could already prepare what I need to eat the next day. All of the food were packed and labeled so I knew when to eat exactly what dish. They were packed in a microwavable plastic container so even ones who go to the office, will find this very easy to prepare.

Here are some of the meals that I received. 

DAY 1:

DAY 2:

DAY 3:

DAY 4:

DAY 5:

They cover 3 meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and an afternoon snack. Usually they give coffee or tea as well for 1 of the meals. It's a 5-day service so it's from Monday to Friday. The 5 day meal plan for 1200 calories is P1700 which includes free delivery to most parts of Metro Manila. That's about P340 per day and they say that they're the most affordable meal plan in the Metro. I'm not sure about this but that's what they claim. Payment was also very easy. You can choose to deposit payment via BDO/BPI or pay COD.

As for the dishes, the dishes were simple and easy to imitate, something that I could easily cook at home. Some may think of it as a pro, some a con. There were some dishes that were quite flavorful and were really good. However, most of them, I found were pretty basic. Everytime my husband would see the meal, he'd shrug and say I can cook it myself. Then again, I think that for people who don't cook their own food, even though the dishes were simple, it would still mean less hassle for them because they no longer to cook their meals anymore.

Since I chose the 1200 calories, there was a huge jolt and change in the amount of food I eat, so yes, I was left STILL hungry. It was a huge change and probably a drastic change too. But after the 5-day program, I lost 3 lbs. Yes, that may not be a big number, but I wasn't expecting a big change anyway. It was only 5 days and I still lost 3 lbs amidst still eating. 

Overall, it was a good experience. Even though I didn't continue availing the service, I have to agree with my sister that it helped me get used to smaller portions of food rather than eating a horse. It also gave me ideas on what meals to cook up for myself and even for my family. 

Diet Buddy PH
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