Star Collection by L'Oreal Paris Color Riche

It's about time I talk about my current favorite lipsticks, and they are non other than the new Star Collection by L’Oreal Paris Color Riche

I got 2 shades from the Color Riche Velvet Pinks and 2 from the Color Riche Pure Reds. The Star Collection is endorsed by L’Oreal ambassadors themselves that's why each of the lipsticks are signed. Yes, it feels like the old times when people used to go up to celebrities for their signatures/autographs! (Yes, prior to selfies!)

 Nymphea, Rose Lotus, Pure Garnet and Pure Rouge

PINKS: L’Oreal Paris declares its love to women with the Velvet Pinkcollection. This collection offers to every woman her tailor-made pink with every shade inspired by each of L’Oreal’s spokesmodels. Delicate pink shades are infused with micro fragments of mother-of-pearls, combined with velvety pigments for a perfect sheer matte finish. 

REDS: Offers the most sophisticated selection of perfect everyday red lipsticks that matches your skin tone.

Nymphea is by far one of the prettiest pinks I have in my collection. It's so wearable, the perfect romantic medium pink that fits almost any makeup look! I learned that this was also what Solenn Heussaff was wearing for her wedding day. 

Rose Lotus is a livelier shade of pink. This definitely brings life to the look and I find that it also brightens the face. It has a blue undertone that makes the lips stand out. It's still wearable, unlike the hot pinks and barbie pinks so I like using this even with a simple makeup.

Pure Garnet was the first shade that struck me the most. I love my deep berry shades and this was just it. It was a deep purplish red. This definitely screams glamour to me. It's buildable and you can definitely intensify it for a more dramatic look.

Pure Rouge is another best seller (as well as Pure Garnet) and for me, it's a true red shade. You want a striking red lipstick? This is definitely it! It's my kind of red because it has a blue undertone that actually helps make the teeth appear whiter. It's the classic red lipstick that will surely stand the test of time.

  • packaging is so luxurious
  • price point is at P400
  • moisturizing lipsticks that's very comfortable the entire day
  • recommended even for those with dry lips because it really is hyrdrating.
  • Cosmo awardees (Pure Garnet and Pure Rouge)
  • every skin tone can definitely find their perfect pink and red shade
  • not long lasting

 2.5 out of 3 Schnauzers

Want to see my first look on the lippy as well as the La Palette Nude from the Swatch and Shoot event? Watch my video here.

L'Oreal Paris Philippines
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Disclaimer: Products are given by the company. All information written are based on my experience and are my 100% honest opinion.

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