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First of all, hello world! It's been awhile since I last posted- I would like to apologize if I kept you hanging. My daughter got sick for more than a week and I was on full mommy mode. It was probably one of her most serious illnesses. I couldn't even remember if I ever felt this scared other than the time my doctor said that my baby's heartbeat was dropping while I was in labor. 

She got pneumonia and was prescribed several medication including antibiotic. However, I was also scared that it might be dengue since it's dengue season once again. Her temperature went to as high as 38.7! Thank God that she's better now. She's still coughing but has improved so much. No more fever and the only thing I need to manage is the side effects of her antibiotic. Just in time for our upcoming trip. So yes, I will be gone once again and won't be able to post anything in the coming days, but rest assured I will be bringing you more content when I come back.

Enough with that long intro and let's move on to today's topic. I introduced you to Belo Baby awhile back. Now that Robyn has used all the products, I can finally make a full review on them. By the way, I got these as samples from Sample Room.

First is Belo Baby Hair and Body Wash. We tried using this as shampoo and body wash, however, I noticed that Robyn started getting more dry patches on her body and even on her face. Her forehead also started getting dry too. I eliminated anything else to check which one is causing the dryness and eventually, I decided to just use this product as shampoo, and not use it on her face and body. I'll tell you why I kept using it anyway in a sec.

Next is Belo Baby Bar Soap. Initially, I used this for Robyn's body but just like the Hair and Body Wash, it also gave Robyn dry patches. (Ro has sensitive skin.)

And so for the Face and Body Lotion, I was already skeptic but I kept an open mind. Good thing I did, because it was my favorite out of the bunch. To be honest, I didn't know what to expect with this product because of the 2 other products I have tried from the line. However, this worked and didn't irritate Ro's skin. Even though it didn't do much for her dry patches in terms of healing them, it still moisturized the rest of her skin.

I continued using the shampoo and the lotion on my daughter simply because I'm really really in love with the smell. Now that Robyn isn't a baby anymore, I miss that baby smell. You know, that powdery, very mild scent of babies? The whole line of Belo Baby has that scent and it brings me back!!! I love that smell so much so when Robyn uses the shampoo and the lotion, it always brings a smile to my face.

As for the soap, I couldn't let Robyn use it anymore so I just used it for myself. So now I smell like a baby! Chos! Haha! :p

This was our experience with the line and I'm so glad that I got these as samples and didn't have to spend more money and regretting buying them afterwards. Sad that it didn't work for us but do let me know if you have tried this line and how was your experience. Would love to hear your thoughts and reviews too! :)

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