Chelsea Kitchen for the First Time!

My family and I decided to dine at Chelsea Kitchen. We are big fans of its sister restaurant, Saboten, and I love me some pizza! So while we were doing some errands at Eastwood, we went ahead and tried Chelsea.
The ambiance has a laid back, very chill feel. It kinda reminds me think of sunny California for some reason!

Plus point is that they have a high chair! I swear, I could count in 1 hand how many times we’ve dined without a high chair. It really is a necessity for those with active, young toddlers like us!
Here are our orders:
 Fresh Cut Fries P95.00
The fries was a side order because Ro requested for it. Honestly, it was so-so, nothing special. And I thought that it was pricey considering the serving size. But hey, the bowl and how they presented it was really cute! 
Meat Parts Pizza P350.00
Onto the main course, we got the Meat Parts pizza. And this pizza is love! It has that chewy crust that my husband and I love very much! It’s isn’t greasy which made it more enjoyable to eat. They also put all kinds of meat, from the usual pepperonis and bacon to liempo cuts! Yes, real meat! Because of how this was made, there was no “suya” whatsoever. In fact, we went back again and ordered this exact same thing.

Truffled Mushroom Cream and Bacon Spagetti P320.00

We also ordered pasta and this was definitely the star of the show! As I recall, they make their own pastas but they also have store-brought pasta (which is cheaper). If I’m not mistaken, they used store-brought pasta for this but it tasted soooo good. I rarely eat pasta that isn’t red sauce, but this was the bomb! The sauce was very creamy, very tasty! We basically inhaled the whole dish! Even Robyn loved it and went back for a second serving, and a third! This is a definite must try! 

I had an awesome dining experience and will surely keep coming back! Good service, great food and comfortable place, that’s what you get at Chelsea Kitchen.


Chelsea Kitchen



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