10 Years of DermoBeautiful Skin with Celeteque

A couple weeks back, Celeteque Dermo celebrated their 10th year of skin health! The theme was discovering and unlocking the secret to becoming dermobeautiful, which honestly, really intrigued me.

See, I do believe that more than makeup, skin and skin care's really what's important. And with products co-created with dermatologists and curated by beauty experts, Celeteque Dermo grounds its philosophy on the dermatological proposition that beautiful skin, and in turn overall beauty, starts with healthy skin.

 Gelli Victor,  Céleteque Senior Product Manager AC Salvador, Céleteque Brand Assistant Ella Adriano, and UnilabCategory Head for Skin Care Cate Reyes 

The event was full of activities. We all had our dermo mission and had to visit different stations to complete the mission!

The last station was to go the the Celeteque Mystery Lab and help solve the cases of 3 girls with different skin problems. (You gotta watch my vlog to see this! It was quite cool!) Uploading the vlog within the day. :)

And of course, all of their products were in full display during the event. I'm no newbie when it comes to Celeteque as I have used several of their products before but my oh my, when I saw them all lined up, I didn't realize that they had tons of products for different skin care needs!

Part of Celeteque’s lineup of celebrated products is Céleteque’s DermoScience line, skincare products that caterto specific skin needs—from Hydration, Acne Solutions, and Sun Care, to Brightening, Advanced Anti-Aging, and even Hair and Scalp Care, which I've already reviewed and raved about here. The products have earned a loyal following and have become staples for even the most meticulous beauty experts.

I really like how they think of everyone's concerns and they continue innovating products that will suit each skin type.

Céleteque DermoCosmetics takes things a step further, promising expert color and cover through a line of cosmetics that combines the enhancing touch of makeup and nourishing benefits of skin care, Celeteque Dermocosmetics. I have talked about this in the past (here and here) when I went to their launch. And I gotta say, some of their products are my favorites! :)

Céleteque has been promoting #DermoBeautiful skin for 10 years, and as it celebrates this decade-long commitment to skin health, it welcomes only more opportunities to provide solutions for every type of skin and soothe its every concern. 

 with Shen, Dior, Donna and Jen

Congratulations Celeteque and thank you for making us #dermobeautiful!

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