YELLOWMUM: Robyn's Inside Out Egg Surprise

Robyn is a smart girl. (Maybe she got it from her mom?) :D But seriously, she really is. She understands a lot of things and when she doesn't, she would ask us so we can explain it to her, then she gets it.

One of her favorite hobbies is watching Egg Surprise videos on Youtube. Even at the tender age of 2 (not sure when exactly it started), she would request to watch "egg" or "surprise". And somehow now, she equates surprises to "egg surprise". Haha! She'd spend hours and hours watching these videos where they basically unbox and open these chocolate shells with toys inside. I have no clue why they find it so entertaining, but I think it may be related to ASMR. (I am obsessed with ASMR by the way.)

So when we went to Hong Kong and saw a box of egg surprise, we bought it for her and when we got to the hotel, she said she wanted to do a video.

A lot of people thought that Robyn does videos because she sees me doing them. But no, she actually immitates and gets it from the egg surprise videos she watches almost everyday! Don't worry, I limit her watching time because if not, she just zones out! Haha!

Inside Out Egg Surprise

Unfortunately, we don't have this type of egg surprise here in the Philippines. The only one I see readily available is Kinder Joy. It's almost the same thing, but of course kids want to copy what they see, so I wish they'd sell these here too!

This was so much fun to edit and add captions. :) My daughter is a natural! It's all her script, words and reactions. All I really did was to put subtitles. 

Hope this made you smile too! :) A lot of people liked this and requested for her to do more videos. So we just might! ;)

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