Mi Casa!

If you follow my social media, you probably have guessed it- we have finally moved to our new place! And wow, it was such a tiring week. In fact, we are still in the middle of decorating, minor repairs and I still have about 2-3% left to unpack. (Because my vanity/dresser still hasn't arrived, so my makeup products are still piled here and there .) That's also why I haven't had time to beauty blog. We've also been receiving some house guests like our families and closest friends.

One of the things that I highly recommend is hiring professional help in packing/moving. We don't have household help so it was a no brainer when I learned that Safehouse Storage has a packing and moving service. I availed of their packing service and it took them only 2 hours to pack our home. Imagine if it was just me and my husband to pack everything. It will take us dayyysss! I'll post more about them one of these days. I think it might be helpful for some of you who are also moving.

I'm still in the middle of soaking it all in. I think because we're still not fully done decorating and we don't have our system down to the t just yet, when I look at our home, I'm still looking and trying to find what else we need. Also, I haven't really had time to just sit and absorb everything. 

My aunt asked me if this is a dream come true. And when I finally had time to think, I realized having my own home was an "unspoken dream". I want a house; I never really utter those words. I guess because I was afraid, afraid that this was one of those dreams I will never have. When I got married, there were assumptions made so I kept this unspoken dream deep deep inside. Then we moved to our previous place. I was so happy then, and I was actually contented with it. Yes I knew that it wasn't "that" big and storage was an issue. But I was happy. And I've always told my husband that it was our sanctuary. And then this new chapter, when I learned that we will have our own house. It was just unbelievable at first. I remember my husband telling me that he wanted a house, he wanted to move somewhere bigger. I always just shrugged my shoulder and somehow ignored it. Until I realized he was serious and that it was going to be our next big project.

I honestly feel lucky because all of my dreams, even the unspoken ones, even the ones that I bury deep deep inside me because of my fear of disappointment, have come true. There are other dreams, obviously. But seriously, I couldn't ask for more. My husband and I have worked hard for what we have and where we are now. I know that there will be more challenges, achievements and a bunch of rollercoaster rides along the way; but I am beyond grateful. I am contented.
I also want to thank every single one of you who reads my blog and follow me. I have shared my experiences here in my blog. From being a newly married woman, to learning home management, to being a new mom and now to our big move. I appreciate all of your support and I am so excited for the new adventures I'll be sharing with you, be it beauty related, my makeup work or even my personal experiences. Thank you thank you thank you! :*
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