#Mustcara Experiment!

How do you choose what's the best mascara for you? In other words, what's your #mustcara? There are so many different kinds, it can get pretty confusing.

But let me tell you what I look for, then maybe this can help and guide you in choosing your #mustcara.

As you can see, I have very sparse and short lashes- typical Asian eyelashes. In this photo, I even curled my lashes to make it appear more; but no avail.

So definitely no. 1 in my priority is length just to make my lashes look like they're actually there. Having slightly hooded eyelids make this my top priority because when my lashes are bare, it looks like I'm "all eyelids, no lashes".

Next is volume. I love the look of thick and full lashes. Hence wearing falsies for special occasions. But let's face it, you won't wear falsies every single day. They're not the most practical thing in the world. Plus needing to carry eyelash glue everywhere in case of emergency.

Third is keeping the curl. This is pretty important to me as I have stick straight lashes. In fact, they actually point downwards if I don't curl them. Again, this is very typical for Asian lashes. I've tried a thousand different mascaras and some of the best ones I've tried unfortunately weigh down my thin lashes.

Lastly, easy to remove. I do like wearing waterproof mascaras because I have oily lids plus I sweat easily. So waterproof makeup is pretty much my bestfriend. However, I don't want to tug on my eyes all the time just to remove my eye makeup. Plus, this may even cause premature wrinkles.

So with those factors in mind, I decided to battle 2 mascaras today. 1 is Maybelline HyperCurlVolum' Express and the other is a mascara I've used a couple of times. Let's just call it Brand X.

In this eye, I will be using HyperCurl:

For my other eye, Brand X:

After 2 coats of mascara, here is the result. You can probably tell that HyperCurl looks very natural as compared to Brand X. Brand X has shown its volume.

I now add another coat of mascara and here, you can see that HyperCurl already ha length and volume. But Brand X is starting to look clumpy and spidery.

Here is a closer look of my eye with HyperCurl:

Here is a closer look of my eye with Brand X:

Side by side you can tell that both mascaras gave me really good volume and length. However HyperCurl looks cleaner and more natural as compared to Brand X.

In this shot you can see the roots of the lashes. I always start applying mascara from the roots going up. You can see that Brand X started clumping even right in the roots and I look like I have spider  lashes. (Not a good look in my opinion.) HyperCurl definitely looks cleaner.

Even after putting more than 2 coats of mascara, it still looks very natural. In my experience and experiment, you can definitely build coats of mascara and it won't smudge and clump.

I've tried both these mascaras in several and different occasions and they all keep my curl up! No smudging, no budging! So in that department, it's a tie.

Now for the last experiment, I'm going to remove my mascara and see which one wins this round.

I'm using an oil based eye makeup remover and I start on the HyperCurl side.

With 1 cotton pad and a few drops of eye makeup remover, it's totally gone and I'm makeup free!

I'll do the same on the other side.

With the same amount of eye makeup remover, there's still mascara left and it has smudged on to the  lower part of my eye. It's a pain to remove. :(

After 2 cotton pads, here's the result. I can still see a little bit of mascara left.

Obviously, Maybelline HypercurlVolum' Express wins in this round.
Overall, both of the mascaras I've used in the experiment worked wonders in terms of giving me length and volume. However, after applying more than 2 coats of mascara, Brand X started to clump and give me spidery looking lashes, while HyperCurl kept my lashes looking beautiful and natural. It's a perfect choice for everyday and even night outs. Both of the mascara held my lashes up and kept them curled without any smudging. But HyperCurl was SO much easier to remove at the end of the day compared to Brand X which was such a hassle.

So without a doubt, I conclude Maybelline HyperCurlVolum' Express to be the winner and my #mustcara! Best of all, it's so affordable! Starting July 1, there will be a price reduction so you can enjoy great quality mascara at a low price! (It's now P199 at Watsons stores.) For more information, don't forget to like their Facebook page

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