#Mustcara Myths Answered!

I know a lot of girls don’t like wearing mascara because of some sayings or myths. Believe me, I was one of those girls. Before my “lash” addiction, I also had second thoughts before buying a tube of mascara. But hey, mascaras truly attract attention and make a huge difference to your look. So today, I wanted to share with you some of the myths that I know about and let me tell you what I’ve learned from makeup school plus years of doing makeup on myself and my clients.

If you use mascara your lashes will fall off.  Actually, if you read the label, there are actually some ingredients that contain properties that coat and protect the lashes. Some ingredients even nourish them. Through research, I learned that what actually makes makeup waterproof is the presence of fats, oils and waxes, as all three of these are hydrophobic.  Also, it’s most important to be careful in curling the lashes. I have experienced cutting my lashes while curling.

Pumping the mascara gets you more mascara and thicker lashes. This is definitely not true. In fact, it actually dries up the mascara more quickly because of the air that goes inside the mascara when you pump the wand. With mascara, build the volume with coats instead of pumping it.

Mascaras cause eye irritation. I don’t think you can generalize all mascaras. Personally, I think it’s keeping your mascara clean and sanitized is what’s important. And it’s also recommended not to share your mascara with other people. Lastly, be sure to remove your mascara before sleeping. Not just, mascara, all your makeup. Removing your makeup is essential to keep a blemish-free face and not to weigh down your lashes.

Lastly, mascaras are expensive. Mascaras are not necessarily expensive. One of the mascaras I have been loving lately is Maybelline HyperCurlVolum’ Express which is only P199.00 in Watsons stores! I was actually introduced to the brand because of their mascaras. Yes there are expensive ones, but why pay more if you can get something more affordable yet still deliver? HyperCurlVolum’ Express mascara is packed with lightweight volumizing black-gel formula that gives 4x volumized curl that doesn’t smudge. It makes me look like I’m wearing false lashes and even without an eyeliner, it still leaves my eyes looking fuller! And better news? Starting July 1, your favorite mascara will be priced down and gets even more affordable!

Those are some of the myths that I know. And hopefully I somehow cleared some things. If you want to try HyperCurlVolum’ Express, go to your nerest Maybelline counter. And for more information about Maybelline, like their facebook page at www.facebook.com/MaybellinePhilippines.

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