Virginia Olsen's Tinkerbelle

I am finally slowly getting better, thank God. My throat hasn't been acting up on me anymore and I can feel that my colds and cough are slowly bidding goodbye. Yey! That means more energy to do more important stuff. It's never good to be sick during the Holidays that's for sure!

So if you remember recently, I went to the launch of Virginia Olsen's Holiday Collection. I was able to go home with quite a number of stuff. I purchased a brush, some mineral makeup and I also got some samples to try out; one of which I wanted to share with you today.

My little haul from Virginia Olsen:

Here are the samples that Virginia Olsen gifted me so I can try them out. I will be doing reviews on them separately, so stay tuned.

The product that I wanted to talk about is an eyeshadow from their Holiday Collection. It's Tinkerbelle. The minute I walked in the VO office and saw Hazel, I was already drawn to her eyes. Apparently all the other bloggers also asked her about her eye makeup and she told us that she was wearing Tinkerbelle.

Let me tell you it was such a shocker because when I saw Tinkerbelle in its jar, it looked like a champagne/beige shade that has a little bit of lavender shimmers. Jirbie and Hazel insisted that it was what Hazel was wearing. Her eyeshadow looked lavender with a blue undertone. Well true enough, when we swatched it, it was indeed Tinkerbelle.

Tinkerbelle in the jar

It was iridescent just like all the other colors from the Fantasy collection. It was very shimmery and highly pigmented. I was a little hesitant at first since I didn't know when I would use it. I rarely use "look at me look at me!" shimmery shades. But I knew that it was definitely a nice shade for December! I could just imagine a background song of White Christmas or Silent Night. By the way, another favorite from the collection is Crescent Moon.

Anyways, I finally decided to give it a try. I wanted to play with its blue undertone, because I knew that blue actually looks good on me. (Self-centered much? Haha!) So I decided to pair it with blue eyeshadow and wear it to one of the events I was going to attend.

As you see, there's a hint of lavender to it and even though it's shimmery, it's still wearable. I think it's really about mixing and matching it with other shades, preferably a matte one to make it more wearable. I used Tinkerbelle as my main eyeshadow and dragged it down to the inner lower lashline. I added blue on the outer v blending it up to the crease. To make the transition better, I used a brown eyeshadow as transition shade.

I have a tutorial on this makeup look which I just have to edit. I actually like how it turned out. And another plus point? It stayed on the whole day! :D What do you guys think?

Definitely loving the shimmery shadows this season! You can check out the other shades and order from Virginia Olsen's site.

Disclaimer: Product is given by the company. All information written are based on my experience and are my 100% honest opinion.